Finished product

All the sweet comments I received on my scarf post motivated me to finish the scarf I’ve been knitting. I am very happy with the end result. It’s very bulky and warm which is just what I wanted.

Image: Finished product

This scarf took me very long to knit! I kept on forgetting about it and picking it up for about two years. I became so used to knitting it and now I miss it! I will now move on to a needlework project that I have been neglecting for some time. Hopefully that won’t take as long.

After the rain

We had a rain-filled weekend in Cape Town and mine was spent mostly indoors watching TV series. It was lovely! I enjoy relaxing and staying warm when the weather gets like that but after a while I feel like I wasted time because I didn’t get to go out. After the rain stopped my boyfriend and I decided to go for some coffee and take a drive. This is what I wore.

Image: After the rain

Image: After the rain

Image: After the rain

Image: After the rain

Blazer:Zoot; jersey:Zara(bought at Pep!); scarf:old; jeans:River Island; belt: Mr Price; boots:Luella;

I wore a very simple outfit. Good old bootleg jeans, jersey, scarf and blazer. As I said before I am loving browns this Winter. I got these brown leather boots on sale at Luella for R200! I think it is one of my best bargains ever. The blazer was also a bargain at R130 at Zoot. I must admit I actually saw it for R50 afterwards. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

On another note, congrats to Spain on winning the World Cup! I am really going to miss all the soccer hype and celebration.

Yes, I knit

I read in a magazine quite a while ago that knitting was “in”. I’ve been knitting since I was 8 and thought, “Finally!”. A lot of people say that fashion fades, but style remains. If that is the case then knitting is very much my style. Here is some snippets of a scarf I am almost done with.

Image: Yes I knit

Image: Yes I knit

I must say that people find it weird that I knit, but after reading blogs where people make things to sell and craft is more celebrated than berated I feel like I am in good company!

Have a great weekend!

Currently craving: Leather skirt

Sometimes I see a certain item of clothing for the first time and I get extremely excited. This is how I felt when I saw this long length leather skirt on Vanessa Jackman’s blog. Needless to say, I really want a leather skirt! I love how the ladies in these photos styled their skirts. It definitely breaks away from the traditional view of leather skirts which is either tacky or bulky.

Image: Vanessa Jackman leather skirts

Images courtesy of Vanessa Jackman

Image: Face Hunter leather skirts

Images courtesy of Face Hunter

What do you think of the leather skirt trend?

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