Anisa Mpungwe for MRP Skirt

Hi Guys! I have been rather quiet on the blog lately. In truth I have been having a bit of a blog identity crisis, #bloggerproblems lol. I started blogging in 2010 and I have changed so much since then. Naturally, the blog will change as I change. I think I now have a firm grasp of what I want this blog to be about. The most important thing for me is to portray something that is honest and secondly to blog passionately. That’s very dramatic I know!

So, the first change I will be making is to blog more outfits. I find that doing so makes me put in that little extra effort into what I wear which is good! I mostly dress up for work lately so I am going to try to blog lots of work outfits. There are more changes to come and I hope you will stay tuned!

Now onto the outfit. I am really a sucker for midi skirts. I know that some people think that they are too granny but I don’t see why we can’t embrace many skirt lengths. This was actually the first time I wore this Anisa Mpungwe for MRP skirt which is actually crazy because I love it so much and I had since October last year! I sometimes tend to wait for a perfect occasion to wear something new but life is short and I should stop doing that.

Embracing Style Outfit - Anisa for Mr P Skirt

Embracing Style Outfit - Anisa for Mr P Skirt

Shirt and Blouse: Mr Price; Shoes: Zara;

Kirstenbosch Craft Market

Hey! I thought I’d go back to my roots and review a market. The Kirstenbosch Craft Market is a lovely market located at the Stone Cottages in Kirstenbosch diagonally opposite the entrance to Kirstenbosch Garden. The market happens every last Sunday of the month except for Winter. It is truly a craft market. There is a rule that all the goods must be made by the sellers so you won’t be finding any Chinatown wares here. As you can see in the pics below there is some cute stuff to buy. This is definitely not the place to go looking for fashion though but that’s ok. The thing I love most about this market is the location. Kirstenbosch is just so beautiful! There are some food stalls but not too many since the focus of this market is crafts. They always have live music as well which is a plus. You can buy something to eat, sit on the grass and listen to the live music. Do pay a visit if you are looking for a charming way to spend a Sunday.

Kirstenbosch Craft Market

Kirstenbosch Craft Market- Handmade dolls

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - handmade bags

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - clocks

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - stained glass

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - Petting Zoo

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - doggy door stoppers

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - resident piggie

Thailand (Again) – Part 2

I can barely find the words to describe our holiday in Phuket. Janine and I decided that Phuket would be our island of choice after visiting busy Bangkok. We arrived in a very rainy Phuket and I Googled a bit only to find Typhoon warnings. We were soon assured by a Capetonian working in Phuket that there was no reason to worry and that the weather would clear up. Luckily it did allowing us to spend many days on the beach.

We spent a few nights in crazy Patong. I had never been to that part of the island and we were keen to experience Bangla Road. We had quite the night in Bangla Road. We actually needed an entire day recover afterwards. The rest of the holiday was spent visiting James Bond Island and staying in Nai Harn. They are both exceptionally beautiful! Nai Harn is quite the gem. It is much more quiet than the other parts of the island but also much harder to get around!

I am so grateful that we were able to go on this trip. Two weeks of QT with your bestie is amazing but spending it in Thailand is one for the bucket list. I hope we can do it again. Janine, perhaps when we turn 40?

Embracing Thailand - View of Patong

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay Caves

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay Caves

Embracing Thailand - James Bond Island

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach Hotel

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach Local

Embracing Thailand - Drinks

Embracing Thailand - Thai food

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Field

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach Sunset

Embracing Thailand

Embracing Thailand - Prices for Toilets and Shower

Embracing Thailand - View from the plane

A cheap and convenient way to store earrings

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fanstastic festive season! Mine was blissful. I spent my time with family, swimming, watching too much Sons of Anarchy and eating too much Christmas treats.

I was doing some Spring cleaning over the holidays and found myself wanting a convenient way to store my earrings. I can never keep my earrings in pairs and that just does not work when I am in a hurry. I came up with this easy method. Here are the steps:

    1. Find a shoe box lid (any piece of cardboard will work but shoe box lids are usually easy to find).
    2. Pierce holes in the shoe box lid and insert your earrings in pairs.
    3. You could decorate the shoe box lid by painting it or using wrapping paper. I left mine as is.

My new earring holder has been working out well. You can even mount it to your wall as a decoration. I hope you found this useful! Please let me know if you have any storage tips for me.

Embracing Style, earring holder

Embracing Style, earring holder

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