Currently Loving: Envelope Clutch Bags

I haven’t done a trend post in a while. But I am loving this trend so much that I just had to write a blog post. The envelope clutch for me personally, revived the clutch bag. I was getting bored with the clutch bags I saw around until this trend manifested. I already own one, but would like to add another one to my collection. I find that the envelope clutch adds an interesting and chic edge to an outfit. I browsed a bit and found envelope clutches from the South African shops or shops that ship to South Africa:

Envelope Clutch Bags

1. SoGood-Candy Punch Out Detail Envelope Clutch From Zando for R199.
2. Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch From ASOS for £18.
3. Slot Through Envelope Clutch from ASOS for £20.
4. Red Leather Envelope Clutch Bag From Crave Leather for R300.
5. Blue Dappy Women’s Envelope Clutch Bag from Daniel Footwear for £99.99.
6. Envelope Clutch – Black from Alexandre Kate for R400.

One Cape Please

Winter is approaching and I am scared of how lacking my Winter wardrobe is. This is why I am on the lookout for some Winter gear. I definitely want to add a cape to my Winter collection. Now, I wonder if any of the South African shops will stock them.




Leather Jacket Obsession

I’ve been bookmarking my favourite looks on street style blogs for the past couple of weeks and I noticed a pattern. Most of the looks contain leather jackets! If I haven’t said this before on this blog then I am saying it now, I love leather! This pattern proves it. We can see from these looks that a little biker’s jacket looks great with various feminine looks. It definitely adds some edge to an outfit and makes it more noticeable. I don’t think there is a substitute for real leather. The best thing about it is that it’s a lifetime investment.

Leather Jacket Street style

Leather Jacket Street Syle

Leather Jacket Street Style

Even though Spring is here in South Africa, I don’t think we need to say goodbye to leather jackets just yet. I think they’re an easy way to keep warm on a the chillier Spring or even Summer nights. I’ve owned many leather jackets and found that I could wear them all year. These little jackets look especially good with floral dresses which are undoubtedly very popular already in South Africa.

A little bit of History

South Africans will be celebrating Heritage Day on Friday and a group of bloggers including myself decided to write a post about our favourite childhood outfit or toy in honour of it. I really liked the idea when Fable Fairy first emailed me. I figured that I was a cute kid and thought I could find some old pictures of me in pretty dresses to show you. I was mistaken because it turns out that the only photo I could find is the one that makes me laugh the most! It’s me in a pink two piece outfit with beads at the ends. I would be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t love this ensemble. It made a noise when I danced and jumped around and it was awesome! Sadly at the time I cared more about entertainment than fashion. I also see that someone put on bright pink lipstick for me to match the dress! Thanks to the family member who did that, much appreciated!

Young me

In line with this childhood theme I thought I’d bring up the dress my granny gave me when I was 12. Some of you might remember it. No, that’s not me when I was 12. That’s me now. I kept it all this time. It’s still one of my favourites!

Anthea, Embracing Style, Old Houndstooth dress

Now, we were supposed to write about our favourite outfit, but I can’t really remember having one. I do remember having a favourite jacket though. I was the proud owner of a blue suede cowboy jacket with fringe on the arms! I really did love that jacket because no one else had one like it. Well, besides my sister of course who had a black and brown one in a smaller version. My mom made them for us and they were super cool. Sadly, I don’t have a photo of me in it but I have been spotting many fringed goodies coming back into fashion. They caught me eye because they remind me of my blue one which made me feel like I could fly when I lifted my arms! I clearly loved clothes with a little something extra.

Chicmuse and Stockholm Steetstyle wearing fringe

Images courtesy of Chicmuse and Stockholm Streetstyle

I hope all the South Africans enjoy Heritage Day and have a lovely braai (barbeque). Check out the other blog posts on this theme on the following Proudly SA blogs: Fable Fairy, Glossary, Bobbylicious, Gorilla is my friend, Kiss This Twice, Lucky Pony, Cookie Jar and Farm Girl. Happy Reading! I can’t wait to my fellow bloggers’ retro pics!

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