Thailand (Again) – Part 2

I can barely find the words to describe our holiday in Phuket. Janine and I decided that Phuket would be our island of choice after visiting busy Bangkok. We arrived in a very rainy Phuket and I Googled a bit only to find Typhoon warnings. We were soon assured by a Capetonian working in Phuket that there was no reason to worry and that the weather would clear up. Luckily it did allowing us to spend many days on the beach.

We spent a few nights in crazy Patong. I had never been to that part of the island and we were keen to experience Bangla Road. We had quite the night in Bangla Road. We actually needed an entire day recover afterwards. The rest of the holiday was spent visiting James Bond Island and staying in Nai Harn. They are both exceptionally beautiful! Nai Harn is quite the gem. It is much more quiet than the other parts of the island but also much harder to get around!

I am so grateful that we were able to go on this trip. Two weeks of QT with your bestie is amazing but spending it in Thailand is one for the bucket list. I hope we can do it again. Janine, perhaps when we turn 40?

Embracing Thailand - View of Patong

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay Caves

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay Caves

Embracing Thailand - James Bond Island

Embracing Thailand - Ha Long Bay

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach Hotel

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach Local

Embracing Thailand - Drinks

Embracing Thailand - Thai food

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Field

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach

Embracing Thailand - Nai Harn Beach Sunset

Embracing Thailand

Embracing Thailand - Prices for Toilets and Shower

Embracing Thailand - View from the plane

Thailand (Again) – Part 1

You might know that I visited Thailand for two weeks in the beginning of October. You might also know that I also visited Thailand in 2010 shortly after I started this blog. When I told people that I was planning to visit Thailand again their response was always, “But, why go again? There are other places to see in the world.”. Yes, there are many other places to visit but I loved Thailand so much when I first visited that I knew that I would some day visit again. I felt like I had unfinished business in Thailand. So, I went again. What made this trip even more special was that my best friend of 20 years, Janine, joined me.

Travelling with Janine was on my bucket list. We tried to plan trips before but something always came up. It was hard to synchronise our schedules. Janine nonchalantly whatsapped me to say that she might be able to join me on my Thailand trip and I didn’t really believe her but I went with it. A couple of whatsapp messages later and we booked out flights! Just like that! Spontaneous trips are the best trips. Three short weeks later we were meeting at the airport nervous about saying goodbye to her baby girl Riley. It went well and off we went.

Our Thai adventure started in Bangkok. Janine had to acclimatize to the unique smell of everything in the city. For some reason unknown to me, the smells didn’t affect me as much as they did during my first visit. We had our first meal at MBK Center and that sparked our love affair with Thai food. Man, the food was good in Bangkok! We looked forward to every meal and could not stop praising the food. Janine sometimes struggled to choose only one dish and would then order a few which she could not finish of course.

The rest of the trip was naturally filled with shopping for me. Janine spent some time at the temples which is where the lovely temple pics below come from. The shopping was not as easy for me as it was during my last trip. Mostly because I am one size bigger than I was when I visited in 2010. This made finding clothing more difficult but I found enough to fill my suitcase to the brim including gifts of course. If I could add one more place to my Shopping in Bangkok guide I would add Siam. I am not talking about the many malls in the area, which are great by the way. I am talking about the many stalls on the street outside the malls. These stalls stock the most beautiful clothing for so so cheap. I was so overjoyed to visit the Chatuchak Market again. I have been dreaming about it since my last trip. It was an awesome as I remember it bar a few changes.

Another Bangkok highlight for us was clubbing! Janine and I go clubbing from time to time. We both love dancing and we were so eager to experience clubbing in Bangkok. We both packed very minimally for out trip so we were without shoes to go clubbing in. We tried to buy shoes beforehand but we could not find anything and this how I ended up going to a club in Birkenstocks! To be honest, this made the night even more fun. Not only was it a first to go clubbing in Bangkok but also a first to go clubbing in ugly shoes and not give a ****. We had an amazing time and throughly enjoyed taking a tuk tuk back to our hotel in the early hours of the morning.

I enjoyed being back in Bangkok and not feeling the need to do anything specific or feeling forced to take pictures. I did what I felt like doing and just enjoyed myself. I can’t possibly write about everything that happened in Bangkok but all in all we had an amazing memorable time. I am so grateful that I got to experience Bangkok with my bestie. Like I said, I didn’t take many pics but here are some of my favourites. You can also find more pics on my Instagram account under the the tag #embracingthailand.

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand, Sky Train

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Embracing Style in Bangkok Thailand

Breathtaking Bali

Here are my Bali pics, finally! Oh, life on an island is grand! Beaches, massages, eating (way too much) and relaxing is what it was all about. My favourite memories in Bali were at the Tegalalang rice terraces and at Waterbom Water Park. The rice terraces are magnificently beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it. When we arrived there I was asleep in the car and I didn’t know where I was. A walked a bit and then I saw the rice terraces. I was dumbfounded by the beauty. Waterbom was so much fun. They have many fun rides which scared me at first, but I got used to it quickly. The Climax was insane! The rides starts with a trap door beneath you opening up and that’s all I will say.

Other Bali highlights are the beautiful beaches, the friendly people and the fact that creativity is everywhere in many art forms. We had a lovely time in Bali. I am very grateful that we could travel this year. I hope we get to travel again soon.

Bali Barong Dance participants

Bali - statue outside temple

Bali - old tree

Bali - Ubud Market

Bali - Seminyak Beach Sunset

Bali - Seminyak Sunset

Bali temple

Balinese home architecture

Bali - Barong Dance - Men in trance

Bali - Tegalalang rice terraces

Bali - Tegalalang rice terraces

Bali - Seminyak Beach

Bali - A Kuta market

Bali - crab dish

Bali - Seminyak Beach Bar

Once upon a time in Hong Kong

This is one seriously overdue blog post! Apologies for taking so long to post. It seems like things have been going in fast forward since Rueben and I got back from our trip. So, as you read in my last post Rueben and I went on a little holiday. I’ve said for a while that I wanted to be in a beautiful far away country for my 30th and that’s what happened! We went to Hong Kong for 3 days and then spent 8 days in Bali.

I was quite excited to go to Hong Kong. I have a little thing for hustling and bustling Asian cities where you can see something interesting on virtually every street. The thing I loved the most about Hong Kong was that the weather was PERFECT when we were there. It wasn’t too hot or cold at 20 something degrees Celsius with a glorious cool breeze blowing. Mmmmmm :) The MTR train also made it super convenient to get around and we could easily get to anywhere we Googled.

We visited Victoria Peak to the see magnificent Skyline. We went to Lantau Island, took a 20 minute cable car and then climbed up 240 steps to see the Big Buddha. We walked the streets of Hong Kong so much that we thought we broke our feet! It was great!


















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