Spree Sale

One of my favourite online stores Spree.co.za is having a ridiculous sale today! Spree.co.za is taking up to 75% off! They are also giving 100% off on selected items. Yes, you can something for free. How cool is this? Shop on Spree.co.za from 9am to 2pm today (23rd January) to find out how you can get your free loot.

Spree sale

I always feel like I might be missing out on real sales if I don’t physically go to shops, but this is just not true anymore. Hooray for Spree and other online shops for giving us the opportunity to go bargain shopping at our desks :)

New Legit Shoes

I have professed my love for Legit shoes before, but damn they sell awesome shoes! I ventured into the wrong part of town to buy the pair below and I wore them the day after I bought them. To me, that already proves that it was a good buy. Legit, if you’re reading, please start an online store! I find that the Legit stores in Cape Town are nowhere near to where I usually shop. I’d probably own many more pairs of Legit shoes if I got to their stores more often.

Legit Monochrome High Heels Shoes

Legit Monochrome High Heels Shoes

Where do you like to buy your shoes?

Spree.co.za Spreeyourself Event

Online store Spree had already won me over when I bought from them just after they launched online. I bought some items one evening and received them the next day before lunch! I even received a phone call to confirm whether I would be available for delivery. I really appreciate great service like this which is why I was so excited when I received my invitation to the Spree Spreeyourself event.

Another reason I was excited, but also nervous was because attendees were to be styled and made up in the Spree Spring/Summer 2013 range. When I arrived at the event my nerves had completely subsided because the Spree staff were all so warm and friendly and they knew me by name! They showed true hospitality and professionalism. The event and range were introduced to us by Karen Dempers, Head of Marketing (pictured below), and Chris Viljoen, Fashion Director, respectively. They both spoke with so much passion which really inspired me.

Bloggers were then invited to have their hair and make-up done and to be styled by Chris Viljoen. I opted to have my make-up done first and I really loved the outcome. It felt like a sin washing it off before I went to bed that night. I then browsed around the clothing where Chris Viljoen helped me choose an outfit. I was quite drawn to this Loin Cloth and Ashes 20’s style dress. When I tried it on, I fell in love immediately. It was a perfect fit and the print was much more exciting than I am used to. One of the fashion staff then armed me with a Fred Tsuya clutch and I was ready for my little photoshoot!

I would like to thank Spree for this amazing experience. I have never been styled and made-up for a photoshoot before. It was a night I will never forget! Scroll down for my photoshoot pics and a little giveway courtesy of Spree!

Embracing Style at Spree Spreeyourrself event

Red velvet cupcakes at Spree Spreeyourself event

Karen Dempers ,Head Of Marketing at Spree Spreeyourrself event

Spree Spreeyourrself event - Clothing

Spree Spreeyourrself event - Shoes

Spree Spreeyourrself event - Handbags

Spree Spreeyourrself event - Accessories

Embracing Style at Spree Spreeyourrself event

Spree Spreeyourrself event - Photoshoot

Cape Town Bloggers at Spree Spreeyourrself event

Embracing Style styled by Spree wearing Loin Cloth and Ashes

Embracing Style styled by Spree wearing Loin Cloth and Ashes

Embracinng Style For Spree.co.za

Embracinng Style For Spree.co.za

Behind the scenes pics by Cheryl McEwan; Photoshoot pics by Glen Montgomery

After all this amazingness, I received a goodie bag part of which contained something for you!
GIVEAWAY: Spree was kind enough to offer 20 of my readers a 15% discount on a spree purchase. The first 20 readers to like Spree’s Facebook page, my Facebook page and then email me at anthea@embracingstyle.co.za and tell me they did so will get a voucher!

What makes Spree different to other sites is that their product is curated by South Africa’s leading magazine editors. Each item contains advice from an editor about how to wear it. It’s like having your own virtual fully qualified personal stylist. Very cool!

Shop My Closet

Some items from my closet including these pictured below are currently on auction on the Closet Space website. Most of them have been worn once or twice and some of them have never been worn so they are all in excellent condition. I can’t take credit for all the items in the auction, but they have some lovely merchandise starting from as low as R60. Brands include Zara, TopShop, Forever 21 and New Look. Man, I wish this was in my size!

closet space peter pan collar dresses

closet space New Look Shift Dress and green cross leather pumps

closet space kitty bow and peter pan collar jumpsuit

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