Recent buys

I haven’t had much luck in terms of shopping lately. I am an extremely fussy shopper so this could very well be the reason! I did however, find some new accessories which I was happy to buy since I feel I don’t have many. Here are some snaps I took of my recent purchases:

Image: Recent buys

Image: Recent buys

Flower earrings and heart brooch by Genevieve Motley.

Image: Recent buys

Image: Recent buys

Flower ring and necklace bought by Smac at YDE. For the South Africans who do not know yet YDE is currently having their 50% off sale and all Smac accessories are at half price. They have some pretty pieces!

I got one item that is not an accessory. Thanks to my friend Wendy! It’s a boob-tube choc dress with ribbon from Foschini. I hope there is an occasion to wear it to very soon.

Image: Recent buys

So, tell me what have you bought lately?

My shopping philosophy

Shopping on a budget is not easy to do. I’ve done it for years when I was a student and believe I have come up with a strategy that works (for me at least). Here are 5 tips that I think are key if you want to be a successful budget shopper:

1. If you’re going to splurge, then splurge on the classics and basics

We all know that fashion is cyclic and that trends come and go. You don’t want to go maxing your credit card on an item that is going to be ridiculously out of style in a few months. Classics are items that never go out of style that you could keep for a long time. These are things like good leather bags, LBDs, the perfect pair of jeans that suits your body shape, trench coats and blazers. Basics are the items that are versatile and that you wear frequently like white t-shirts, again a good pair of jeans, flat pumps, black cardigans etc. Since you can keep classics for long and you wear basics often it makes sense to buy them with a better quality and good quality can be expensive.

Classics and Basics

2. If you really want bargains, you’re going to have to be patient

It sounds boring, I know, but it’s true because good bargains don’t happen every day. There will be days when you go shopping and come home with nothing. It is then very tempting to go out and buy an item that is more than you can afford or that you don’t need or love. Fight this urge! Be patient, and wait until next week to go shopping again. Items that are bought in times of desperation are items we tend to leave in the back of our closets and forget.

3. Leave no stone unturned

If you’re really serious about finding what you want for the price you want then leave no shop unvisited, no matter how unconventional. This may become cumbersome, but you might surprise yourself. I’ve found some of my favourite items in the weirdest of places and I must say that it pays off. I once bought an awesome pairs of boots at a chemist! Turns out they used to get old stock from a well-known store nearby.

4. Wait for the sales

There are many stores that I love, but are just too pricey for me. What I do in this case is wait for their sales. I’ve gotten some amazing items at stores I love at discount prices. The key here is to buy items that you actually love or need. I used to fall into that trap of buying something just because it was reduced to 10% of the price and ending up giving it away months later.

Image: My shopping philosophy

image via Flikr

4. Use your connections

Talk to people. If you see someone wearing something you like, ask them where they bought it. You might even find that you know people who could get you store discounts or know some great places to shop. There are many shoppers out there, we can help each other!

5. Plan for the future

When it is summer you’ll find the best coats or jerseys on sale. When it is Winter you’ll find the best bathing costumes and shorts on sale. I know it may seem a waste, but if you see something that is really good value for money and very much your style, then buy it and keep it. Summer or Winter will come and you’ll feel great wearing your new item that was 75% off.

Image: My shopping philosophy

A pair of wedges I got on sale that I’m saving for Summer

Hope you have a great weekend and try not to spend it all at once!

Lace me-up

So, I’m a shoe person. I’ve loved shoes for as long as I can remember. I even love looking at pictures of shoes. So, I decided to take a few of my new boots.

They are a pair of Aldo combat lace-up boots brought over from USA. I have been searching high and low for combat lace-ups in Cape Town shops and could only find them for men. When I heard that my friend was visiting for the World Cup I decided to take advantage and got him to bring these over.

Image: New lace-up boots

Image: New lace-up boots

Image: New lace-up boots

Image: New lace-up boots

I was so obssessed with combact lace-ups that I made this Polyvore set back in February:


I’m glad I finally have a pair and please forgive me if I wear them with all of my outfits. For those in South Africa looking for lace-ups, I have seen worker style lace-up boots at Foschini and Mr Price. We’ll be needing lots of pairs of boots to keep warm this Winter.

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