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I’m often asked to give my opinion on fashion or trends. While I am always honoured to be asked I often find myself thinking that I am a mere civilian and all I can offer is opinion. One thing I definitely feel qualified to comment on is shopping. Yes, shopping is a recreational thing for me but I enjoy it and I do it often and I have a lot to say about it. This is why I decided to start a little series where I review online shops that I like to shop at. Bloggers and other people who are on the Internet a lot and who trust the Internet have been shopping online for ages. There are lots of people who are too scared to shop online. Some of these people are my friends :) I hope these series of blog posts will sway to try online shopping.

spree boots by Zoom for Autumn

If you’re a regular on my blog you’d know that I am a fan of Spree. Buying online for me comes down to a few things. How fast will I get my item? What is the quality of the stock vs price and how stylish/fashionable/unique is it? Is their website easy to use without bugs and hassles? How much does delivery cost? This is how Spree fares on all these questions in my humble opinion:

The Turn around time

They get straight to it. You receive feedback about your purchase very quickly and you receive it very quickly. So quickly that you never need to track your purchase. I bought an item one evening and received it the next day before lunch (fantastic!). I’ve never waited longer than two days to receive a purchase. Their head office is in Cape Town so that’s obviously in my favour.

The product

Generally speaking I’d say that Spree is not the place you’d go to grab a cheapie item. They stock clothing mostly by South African designers. If you’re like me and like to support local design and don’t mind paying a little more for good quality then Spree is for you. They do always have a specials tab though which I love. What girl doesn’t love a mark down? One thing I have noticed about their merchandise is that you’d find certain items by designers that you don’t always see on other sites. eg. another shop might stock the same brand but then I wouldn’t see the specific item that Spree stocks in the other online shop. So chances are you’d could be buying something that not a lot of other people will be wearing.

The website

The design is not too cluttered. One thing that many online shops do these days when you visit their site is pop up a modal asking you to subscribe to their newsletter, Spree does not have this. Thank goodness because it’s my pet hate! The site is acceptably fast and is relatively user friendly. One thing I love is the litte info graphic they have illustrating how far your purchase is.

Spree.co.za InfoGraphic

There is a “Why Buy” section on each item on the website and it gives mostly useful information like how to wear the item which is a nice extra.

spree.co.za Why Buy

Checking out (purchasing) on their site is quick and easy. They offer EFT and credit card. All in all I am very happy with the Spree online shopping experience. There are one or two minor things I would do to improve the buyer experience but they are no biggie and it might just be on their to do list. Being a techie, I always have these kinds of things in the back of my mind.


Free. Mahala. Gratis. Nuff said. (oh and by courier to your door – that’s always a bonus).

The verdict

Spree gets a thumbs up from me, but you probably knew that already :) They give great customer service and their product is fairly unique and stylish (duh). I have got my eye on some of their items for Autumn. Can’t wait to buy them. I already bought the boots above at their sale.

New Legit Shoes

I have professed my love for Legit shoes before, but damn they sell awesome shoes! I ventured into the wrong part of town to buy the pair below and I wore them the day after I bought them. To me, that already proves that it was a good buy. Legit, if you’re reading, please start an online store! I find that the Legit stores in Cape Town are nowhere near to where I usually shop. I’d probably own many more pairs of Legit shoes if I got to their stores more often.

Legit Monochrome High Heels Shoes

Legit Monochrome High Heels Shoes

Where do you like to buy your shoes?

Legit Boots

You know that feeling when you see a pair of shoes you fall instantly in love with? You know that there will be no rationalization and no second guessing. You just have to have it and that’s that. Well, I had that feeling when I bought both pairs of these boots and they both happen to be from Legit. Legit stocks the best shoes by far out of the all the affordable fashion retailers in South Africa. I’ve worn the first pair twice already and bought the second pair, which is from the fab Toya De Lazy range, today. Hey Legit, keep ’em coming!

Legit Boots on Embracing Style

Legit Boots on Embracing Style

Legit Boots on Embracing Style

Legit Boots on Embracing Style

Oh and one more thing. I know some of you have been wondering if this has become an exclusively street style only blog. No, it hasn’t. I will continue to blog about things that I love, mostly fashion(y) of course and street style is of definitely one of those things.

Christmas present to myself

These babies were my Christmas present to myself. I drooled over them for a few weeks since seeing them on the Zando website. I hesitated to buy them for practical reasons like “they are too high” and “I already own a pair of black wedges”. I got an email saying everything on the Zando website was 20% off for one night and took it as a sign that I deserved them as a Christmas present to myself! Ah, the joys of online shopping.

Linx Wedges from Zando

Linx Wedges from Zando

It was the first time I bought from Zando and the service was pretty good. I received my shoes in three days. I suspect that delivery would have gone faster if it weren’t for the time of the year.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow. If you’re going back to work as well then good luck!

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