Kirstenbosch Craft Market

Hey! I thought I’d go back to my roots and review a market. The Kirstenbosch Craft Market is a lovely market located at the Stone Cottages in Kirstenbosch diagonally opposite the entrance to Kirstenbosch Garden. The market happens every last Sunday of the month except for Winter. It is truly a craft market. There is a rule that all the goods must be made by the sellers so you won’t be finding any Chinatown wares here. As you can see in the pics below there is some cute stuff to buy. This is definitely not the place to go looking for fashion though but that’s ok. The thing I love most about this market is the location. Kirstenbosch is just so beautiful! There are some food stalls but not too many since the focus of this market is crafts. They always have live music as well which is a plus. You can buy something to eat, sit on the grass and listen to the live music. Do pay a visit if you are looking for a charming way to spend a Sunday.

Kirstenbosch Craft Market

Kirstenbosch Craft Market- Handmade dolls

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - handmade bags

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - clocks

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - stained glass

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - Petting Zoo

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - doggy door stoppers

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - resident piggie

4th Street Party

I attended the 4th Street Party last week with the lovely Raylene of Scarlet Aura. I was just dying to meet Raylene because we have so much in common. We are both fashion bloggers, developers and we share a birthday. She really was as great as I thought she’d be!

The theme of the event was the Fifties and I was so excited because it is by far my favourite fashion era. When I chose my outfit I found that so many of my clothing matched the theme. I opted for a polka dot midi skirt, pastel blouse, socks with bow details, a vintage bag and court shoes.

This party was one of my favourite events ever. The decor was superb! Think pink and white everywhere, a gourmet slider  station, candy floss machine, pink candy galore, slow motion photo booth and much more.  To top that off there was an awesome performance by Shoowop Shop lead by Tamara Dey.

One of my favourite things about the night is how the attendees dressed to the theme. I snapped some pics of some serious stylish strangers. Of course I could not resist. There were midi skirts, bandanas, cute socks and pink galore.

“What is 4th street” I hear you asking. It is a sparkled sweet wine available in white, red and rosé. We were given a bottle of each when we left and I tried all three. Don’t judge me for drinking them so fast! My favourite is definitely the white wine. I am going through a bit of a white wine phase though. Again, please don’t judge me!

My pics cannot do the event justice. I wish I could have taken more but I was too busy having a good time :)

Embracing Style at 4th Street Party

*Blouse: Mr Price; Skirt: Legit; Bag: Time and a few moths; Shoes and socks: TopShop;

Embracing Style at 4th Street Party

Raylene from Scarlet Aura and I at 4th Street Party

Raylene of Scarlet Aura and myself.

4th Street Party Decor

Yummy snacks at the 4th Street Party

Candy at the 4th Street Party

South African Bloggers at the 4th Street Party

Raylene, myself, Yumna of Cooked Culture, Chantel of ChanniChic, Anja from Glitz and Grammar and Thabiet from On Fashion Street.

The Shoowop Shop band and stylishly dressed attendee at the 4th Street Party

The Shoowop Shop Girls and my personal favourite outfit of the night.

Bloggers at the 4th Street Party

TK of GHFM, Bianca and Lauren of Fashionista CT

South African Bloggers at the 4th Street Party

Yumna of Cooked Culture and Anja from Glitz and Grammar

Stylish attendees of the 4th Street Party

Kloof Street House

I was recently invited to review Kloof Street House. I jumped at the opportunity because I had been there once before and I was quite enamoured by it.

One thing that is very important to me when going out to eat is the “vibe” of the restaurant. Good company always helps but I want to feel relaxed and comfortable when I am eating out. This is a bit hard to describe but I also love it when the decor of a restaurant is so interesting and beautiful that it makes me forgot about reality for a little while. This is how Kloof Street House makes me feel. The decor is simply stunning and outstanding and being there made me reconsider the decor of my own home! The chesterfield couches and scatter cushions are so comfy and I felt like I could sit there all day which I nearly did as lunch lasted 4 hours!

My dish of the day was the whole baked camembert with caramelized onions and homemade cranberry jelly. Yum! I also enjoyed the cocktails. The 100% Brazillian was my fave. I think I will definitely go back just to have cocktails.

I definitely suggest you visit this place at least once. It’s quite an experience. My photos do not begin to do it justice.

Kloof Street House Menu

Kloof Street House

Kloof Street House Decor

Kloof Street House Buddha

Kloof Street House

Me and Bestie and Kloof Street House

Kloof Street House

Kloof Street House

Jet Winter Launch 2014

Hi! This one very overdue blog post! Long story short, we bought a house, moved and had no ADSL for a while. I am super happy with the new house and also happy that I have ADSL again. My internet addiction has officially been confirmed.

Anyway, I was lucky to be flown to Jo’burg last month for the Jet Winter Launch 2014. A plane full of fashion folk left Cape Town International Airport. We were transported to Morningside Garden Court Hotel and a few hours later we went to the event which was around the corner. The first thing we saw after entering the venue was the Jet merchandise laid out in different stories. I loved seeing the merchandise like this and agreed with one of the event attendees that it would be nice to see it like that in stores. After we socialized, snacked and chatted to Jet staff the fashion show began. In a nutshell I’d say that I was really impressed by what Jet showcased. I believe that affordable fashion has it’s place in anyone’s wardrobe and I am glad to see that Jet is offering us some fashion relevant merchandise. I particularity liked the ladies stock. They have some really cute stuff and if they were on sale that day I would definitely have bought a lot. I could definitely see myself wearing a lot of the items to work. The kids were just adorable too!

Embracing Style outfit - Mr Price check shirt, Cotton On Skirt

Blouse and necklace: Mr Price; Skirt: Cotton On;

Jet pumps at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Jet sequins pump at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Jet Monochrome winter items at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Monochrome items at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Casual Looks at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Pastel looks at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Blueberry Mojito at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Sweets in the Jet colours at the Jet Winter Launch 2014

Macaroons and sweets at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Models at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Girls outfit pleather skirt at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Model wearing houndstooth at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Model wearing faux snake skin at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Model wearing red peter pan collar dress at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Model wearing black and white at The Jet Winter Launch 2014


Model wearing fur hat at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

Model wearing casual look at The Jet Winter Launch 2014

*Pics by me and provided by RedStar Communication
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