Embracing Style for Legit Blog

I had the honour of taking street style pics for the Legit Blog http://www.legit.co.za/blog. Check them out over here.

Embracing Style Street Style For Legit Blog LegitimateFashion.com

Four things

I love reading blogs for many reasons. One of them is that I get such good suggestions from most of the blogs I read. It’s almost like a good friend telling you about something cool they found. Here are four tips/suggestions I found on some of my favourite local blogs:

4 things

*Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
  1. The Stephanie Plum Series
    I was looking for something light-hearted, fun and easy to read so I took Bobby’s advice and I am so glad I did! Every night before I sleep I read a few pages and enjoy a few giggles because of these books. Read her blog post here for a summary of the series.

  2. Vanilla Chai Tea
    I am a huge fan of tea and I am always looking for new teas to try. Nadia suggested it, so I bought it and I love it! Colleagues are always asking me where I bought that delicious smelling tea.

  3. Mr Min has another use
    I read on Lauren’s blog that Mr Min is awesome for removing the gunk that stickers leave on a surface. I tried it for the first time when I was at a friend’s place and we were both amazed! It takes all the gunk away instantly! Thanks Lauren.

  4. Kajal
    I am no pro when it comes to make-up so I took Aisha’s advice and tried Kajal. It works wonderfully and everytime I lose it I can just go to the supermarket around the corner because they stock it for R5!

Thank you lovely bloggers for sharing this with us!

Saturday Outfit and Fair Lady Feature

Hi guys! So, this is what I wore on Saturday to my friend’s baby shower. She is due in October and I can’t wait to meet her son! The theme of the shower was nautical so I just had to wear something blue.

Embracing Style, Outfit post

Embracing Style, Outfit post

Dress: China Town; Belt: Mr Price: Shoes: Platinum Fashion Mall, Thailand; Bag: Factory shop in Salt River; Ring: Hello Fox;
*Pics by Daren

On another note, I am so excited about being in the October issue of Fair Lady. The feature contains a little bit about me and 10 things I like. There is also a little Q&A on their website. I’m really loving Fair Lady especially their “30 Outfits for 30 Days” feature. It really inspires me to get creative with the clothing I already own.

Embracing Style Fair Lady Magazine Feature

One last thing, if you didn’t enter my current giveaway yet you can do so here.

Shoe racks are awesome

I’m the type of person who can find joy in the little things. This little shoe rack made me so happy. It’s silly I know, but now I never have to search for my favourite shoes. They used to be in a heap in my cupboard which made finding shoes difficult in the morning when you’re in a hurry. I bought the shoe rack on Bid Or Buy and even though I hurt myself when nstalling it (Rueben said I must have been bad with Lego as a child) I think I should buy another one so the rest of my shoes can be easy to find as well.

Shoe Rack

*Pics by me

In other news, the very sweet Sam has interviewed me over here and I know this is delayed, but Mr Price In the Fashion Loop featured me here. It’s such an honour for me to be on these sites! Have a awesome weekend people.

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