A cheap and convenient way to store earrings

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fanstastic festive season! Mine was blissful. I spent my time with family, swimming, watching too much Sons of Anarchy and eating too much Christmas treats.

I was doing some Spring cleaning over the holidays and found myself wanting a convenient way to store my earrings. I can never keep my earrings in pairs and that just does not work when I am in a hurry. I came up with this easy method. Here are the steps:

    1. Find a shoe box lid (any piece of cardboard will work but shoe box lids are usually easy to find).
    2. Pierce holes in the shoe box lid and insert your earrings in pairs.
    3. You could decorate the shoe box lid by painting it or using wrapping paper. I left mine as is.

My new earring holder has been working out well. You can even mount it to your wall as a decoration. I hope you found this useful! Please let me know if you have any storage tips for me.

Embracing Style, earring holder

Embracing Style, earring holder

New Brooches

I love brooches and I’ve started to build up quite a collection. A brooch adds such a lovely little detail to an outfit. It can definitely spice up a blazer, cardigan or dress. These are three new brooches that I own. The first one is made of leather and was bought at Heather’s Leathers. The second one is vintage bought at the Blue Bird Garage Market and the third was a very sweet gift from my aunt.

Heather Leathers Brooch

Vintage Brooch

Audrey Hepburn Brooch

Trinket Brooch Giveaway

I absolutely adore Trinket brooches by Elske Nel. I first saw them at the Design Indaba where I spent a substantial amount of time trying to decide which brooch to buy. They are all so unique and detailed.

I am so pleased that Elske has sponsored three brooches for one of you to win. You can win one of each of the brooches pictured below.

PISTOL BUNNY Trinket Brooch

PONYTAIL Trinket Brooch

OH DEAR! Trinket Brooch

To enter you must:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling us a brooch design you’d like to see.
  • Either Like the Trinket page on Facebook or follow Trinket on Twitter and tell me that you did in the comment.

For an extra entry you can Tweet: Check out the @TrinketDesign brooch giveaway on @EmbracingStyle’s blog http://bit.ly/fFiHio. If you tweeted please tell me in your comment.

Anyone can enter this giveaway. This giveaway ends on 8 April 2011. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email.

For more information on Trinket please visit their website.

Design Indaba Expo – Part 1

Rueben and I went to the Design Indaba Expo at the Cape Town Convention Centre yesterday. I definitely enjoyed it. It was inspiration galore under one roof. I’ve seen so many South African brands online, but never got around to going to the shops where their goods are sold. The Indaba was a brilliant way of having all these brands under one roof. I’d definitely recommend it. I am just happy I didn’t spend my whole month’s salary!

Rueben took some snaps of my favourite stands and I thought I’d show them to you in two posts since there are so many pics! All of these shops sell online if not by online shop then via email.

For re-purposed furniture. I must visit this shop opposite The Biscuit Mill soon!
Recreate Furniture

Recreate Furniture

For pretty pumps and boots.
Tjerrie shoes

Tjerrie shoes

For gorgeous brooches with so many awesome designs that I struggled to choose from.
Trinket Designer Brooches

Trinket Designer Brooches

For awesome backpacks to carry all your stuff.
Chapel Backpacks

Chapel Backpacks

Genevieve Motley
For pretty wooden jewellery with in the designs we love. It was lovely to meet you Gen!
Genevieve Motley Jewellery

Genevieve Motley Jewellery

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