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So this is post number two of my online shopping review series. For those of you who don’t know, is a UK online store that stocks clothing by many brands. I know that lots of women I speak to are cautious of buying from overseas. When I wear something that I’ve bought on ASOS I am often asked where I bought that item. I tell the person and they usually just keep quiet when they hear it’s from the UK. I hope this post will shed some light and sway some of you to try out.

So what are the things that make South Africans think twice when buying from overseas? Here are a few:

Isn’t the postage expensive?
No! Asos offers free international postage. How awesome is that? They do offer paid postage options but I haven’t ever used them. I’d rather not pay for shipping and then wait longer for my goods.

Won’t I wait long for my goods?
You might wait long but a little patience never hurt anybody. I’ve waited between two to four weeks for my parcels from ASOS. I waited quiet long when I bought during the festive season and I really thought that my parcel went missing. It did eventually arrive and I was happy.

Won’t my parcel get lost?
ASOS doesn’t offer a tracking number when you choose the free postage and this can be worrisome. This is one of the reasons I don’t buy anything that is too expensive when shopping from ASOS. I’ve received each and every one of my ASOS purchases though. I must admit that I have been starting to buy things that are a bit more expensive because of the good track record. In short, I trust this way of shopping.

Aren’t the customs charges expensive?
Guess what? I’ve never paid customs duty for anything that I bought on ASOS. I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying that! When you buy from ASOS there is a little message that says you might pay customs duties if your purchase exceeds R500.

ASOS under R500 customs message

I have never bought anything for more than R500. I know that many people have paid customs for purchases that are under R500. So, I am really not sure why I have never paid customs and why other people have. I can say that I one buy one item at a time. Since shipping is free I think this is fine to do. I emailed someone working at customs and asked them about this R500 limit and they said that there is no such rule. So, who has got it wrong? Basically, you need to be prepared for the possible customs duties. You can find out how to do the customs duties calculation here.

There are many awesome local online retailers, so bother with overseas shopping?
This is very true. We have brilliant local online retailers and I do shop on their sites. As a South African I often feel restricted when it comes to shopping. There are many trends that do not reach our shores and I feel that ASOS gives the average South African access to this kind of product. Besides that, ASOS does stock awesome stuff! They have loads of stock in every style under the sun. Yay for options! ASOS is based in the UK which means their seasons are opposite to ours. This means that the merchandise that goes on sale is perfect to wear in South Africa. I’ve bought leather boots for about R300 on one of these sales, so I really recommend it. They also permanently have a sale or clearance section. VIVA sales!

In conclusion…
I don’t have anything bad to say about ASOS. I have tried to pay via PayPal a couple of times and it didn’t work but let’s hope that is fixed now. They definitely get the “Embracing Style” stamp of approval. Did I mention their customer service department are very much on the ball? If you are one of those who are a bit cautious to try them out, I hope I have swayed you a bit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a lovely week ya’ll!

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  1. Great post! really informative! Thank you!


    • Thanks babe! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hey Anthea. So how do you collect your items without a tracking number?

    • Hi, the post office sends you a notification that a parcel has arrived.

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