DIY: How To Remove Shoulder Pads

I recently bought a bargain coat that I love, but when I wore it I realised that the shoulders of the coat looked too big. Power shoulders don’t always work for me so I decided to remove the shoulder pads . Naturally, this all turned into a blog post.

What you need: Some cotton, a needle and a pair of scissors.

DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

1: Turn sleeves inside out and find the sleeve with the stitching that is on the outside like the picture below.
DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

2: Use your scissor to unpick the stitches that are on the outside in order to make a hole in the sleeve.
DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

3: Pull the jacket through the hole you just made until you reach the shoulder pad.
DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

4: Use your scissor to cut out shoulder pad and repeat step 3 and then cut out other shoulder pad.
DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

5: Push shoulders of jacket back in and then use your needle and cotton to sew hole closed.
DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

That easy!

Admittedly my before and after picture doesn’t show much difference but I can definitely feel the difference. I’m much more comfortable when I wear the jacket now.
DIY Remove Shoulder Pads

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  1. That’s very clever Anthea!!!

  2. You’re a genius!! Definitely comes in handy when you wanna make something vintage look new!

  3. cool! now i need to haul out some of my moms old eighties blazers!

  4. Thats super cool..
    Definitely sending this page to my bestie.. she always complains about her pads
    lee x

  5. This is awesome hun! Happy Monday xx

  6. thank you anthea. :)

  7. Hi anthea. Just ran into your post. you are amazing. Those are some really cool things. Im surely going to try them.
    I right about similar stuff. Do visit my page and follow my blog if you like:)
    I’d love to hear suggestions from you!

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