Vintage Wool

Last week I spoke about how little things can make me smile and this wool is another example of that. I woke up recently with a sudden urge to knit again. It might be the weather or me getting older but the urge was there. I saw some wool while grocery shopping and realised that wool is really expensive! I thought that I’d rather wait and find the perfect wool before buying. I spotted this wool at a charity shop and bought it immediately. I mean, who remembers a time when Ackermans sold wool?! I asked Rueben’s dad and he says he remembers and it was a very long time ago. I hope to make something very special with this vintage wool.

Vintage Ackermans Wool

Vintage Ackermans Wool

*Pics by me

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. No Anthea, You are getting older……Atleast I dont feel like I’m on my own here!lol…

  2. Knit me a scarf please? :) xxx

  3. Oh hurray! I remember one of your knitting projects from last year and I was impressed! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this lovely sage green wool. : )

  4. Wool is ridiculously expensive! I’m doing a knitting club at school soon. May have to get you in there to teach ’em, lol. I’m semi-hopeless. Love your vintage wool :)

  5. Hey Anthea not too sure how this blog thingy works but have some great patterns if you are interested :-)

    • I am interesed! I’ll Facebook you.

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