Shoe racks are awesome

I’m the type of person who can find joy in the little things. This little shoe rack made me so happy. It’s silly I know, but now I never have to search for my favourite shoes. They used to be in a heap in my cupboard which made finding shoes difficult in the morning when you’re in a hurry. I bought the shoe rack on Bid Or Buy and even though I hurt myself when nstalling it (Rueben said I must have been bad with Lego as a child) I think I should buy another one so the rest of my shoes can be easy to find as well.

Shoe Rack

*Pics by me

In other news, the very sweet Sam has interviewed me over here and I know this is delayed, but Mr Price In the Fashion Loop featured me here. It’s such an honour for me to be on these sites! Have a awesome weekend people.

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  1. So cool…I love it! x

  2. Oh Anthea…..I have to get one of those…..let me know where….Ps nevermind Ruben and the lego…..You did maths well and thats more than I can say for myself!Mwah,

  3. I totally hear you! I went on a mission to find a shoe rack earlier this year, could only find a 3 shelf one – but it’s awesome! Love being able to choose my daily shoes so easily! 😉

  4. so practical! i love it!! what a great buy.. thinking i should invest in one too!


    PS: you have an awesome shoe collection!

  5. You are so organized.. and hello shoe heaven
    lee x

  6. Awesome idea, Anthea!!!! Thanks :)

  7. I love that shoe rack. I’ve tried baskets, bins, hanging organizers, under the cupboard. BUT, they always get lost and damaged. I want one please, ok TWO!

    These pics are great! Love it!

  8. it’s not silly at all!
    I wish I can be as organized =(

  9. My goodness, you have a lot of shoes! But yeah, I love anything that brings organization to my life and makes me less likely to lose things! ; )

  10. i want all those shoes!! you lucky person

  11. OMG, that shoe rack is deeeevine! What a great buy. But soz about the injury! Lols at Reuben’s comment.

  12. Love your shoe rack!! Happy Tuesday hun :) xx

  13. Hey I have the same one :) well it looks super similiar, isnt it just THE BEST.
    and those shoes with the bows – super jealous

  14. Hey Anthea, i need some advice here about shoes. I’m 19 and ive recently moved to Cape Town. Im still not really clued up about the shopping spots around the city and I desperately need to find places around that sell affordable quality shoes. I walk and sleep, thats my life, so I need shoes that can keep up with my lifestyle. All the shoes Ive bought this year have been ruined and Im honestly down to my last 3pairs of flats. I was wondering if there are any places you know that sell affordable shoes that are in style because Im a trendy girl who values her shoes but cannot afford expensive shoes on a student budget. Plz help

    • HI Pixxy,

      Try Fashion Express. They have some cute shoes for good prices!

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