Overstrand Hospice Shop

This little shop in Hermanus made me very happy. I don’t often get the chance to go to charity shops, but I spotted this one as we were about to leave Hermanus. It was such a joy to shop there. Everything was well organised and they had some gems! I managed to scoop up a pleated skirt for R10. I also bought and a tapestry set. Yes, I am into that kind of thing. I’m a programmer by day and crafter by night! How ridiculous does that sound!?

Overstrand Hospice Shop, Hermanus

Overstrand Hospice Shop, Hermanus

Knitting needles, Overstrand Hospice Shop, Hermanus

Old casettes, Overstrand Hospice Shop, Hermanus

Swan ornament, Overstrand Hospice Shop, Hermanus

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  1. Oh my gosh! I write for the Overstrand Hawston Hospice!! Well, I do freelance work for the company that does their fundraising. So special that you went there. Makes my heart sing! Looks so lovely inside x

    • Your comment made my heart sing :)

  2. Hey Ant,
    You know I really never knew you had a mass obsession with vintage treasures….It’s not my thing but, I can admire it and also Dames doesnt do flea market or second hand shops…..I love you pics as always…!

    • Thanks babe, yep I do have a mass obsession..lol! I’ve always been that way. I think it started as a child when my gran used to show me pics of herself as a young woman.

  3. Anthea-I love your photography here especially the one of those rods/canes. What are those? And I can’t wait to see the pleated skirt you got.

    • Hi Naina,

      Thanks for the compliment. You take lovely pics yourself. Those are knitting needles.

  4. Trousers for $5 I would buy 50 of them. did they have anything for guys?
    Lee x

  5. Cool photos and nice to see what a hospice shop looks like in another city!
    Just read Lauren’s comment…how funny!

  6. Wow I had no idea that this shop even existed! Thanks for sharing :)xx

  7. That doesn’t sound ridiculous at all; in fact it sounds awesome. I wish I could do useful things like program and craft. ; p

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