In a Hurry

What do you wear when you are in a hurry? When someone says “We’re leaving now, get done” and you don’t have a stitch of clothing on yet? I end up wearing the black floral top most of the time. Needless to say, this is an oufit I wore when I was in a hurry to get dressed. In summer I used to replace the jeans with shorts and the pumps with sandals.

Anthea, Embracing Style, Outfit post

Anthea, Embracing Style, Outfit post

Anthea, Embracing Style, Outfit post

Top: Bangkok; Jersey: China Town; Jeans: Levi’s; Brooch: Trinket; Shoes: Edgars;

To my fellow South Africans, enjoy the voting!

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  1. It’s a pretty good grab-and-go top. I love the little collar on it too, and the bunny brooch is sweet!

  2. I love the collar! Cannot get enough of Peter Pans!

  3. Love that sweet brooch! When I’m in a hurry I usually go for tights, boots and a long cardi.

  4. What a gorgeous express “what to wear in a hurry”
    simple, chic and very girly.
    Love your floral top.
    Lee x

  5. Awesome look! I got the ra?l from Boardmans, but they dont make them anymore : ( x

  6. I HATE being told I only have five minutes. My mind goes blank and whatever I put on, I want to take off again and then I’m just a little stress ball. Lol, but you obviously deal better with getting dressed in a hurry, looks fab :)

  7. you look lovely!


  8. Love the brooch!

  9. Love the pumps!

  10. I love transitioning outfits from fall/winter to spring/summer. And it’s great to do it with florals too. Super cute outfit Anthea.

  11. I wear skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and flats! :)

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