Farm Stall

I thought I’d share some random pics that I took at a farm stall near Stellenbosch mostly to remind myself to go back! They had the most yummy treats including those orange sweets pictured below. I sure do love my drives into the country.

Farm Stall

Farm Stall

Farm Stall

Farm Stall

Farm Stall

*Pics by me
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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures. I especially love that last one.

  2. OMG….these farmstall always have the best biscuit and fudge hey….!!!!! Im not very big on luxuries but, I love the sweets biscuits and the soft fudge… time u feel free to drop some off at me!!!lol

    • I will! Rueben needs to take me back there. I can’t remember exactly where it was.

  3. lovely snaps!! looks like a beaut place!


  4. Cool pics! Cant quite figure out where in Stellies?

    • It was near Stellenbosch. I think it might be a strawberry farm.

  5. A sweet person on Twitter told me that the name of the place is Mooiberg Farm Stall. Thanks @SushiTessa!

  6. I’m from the country and farms just make me feel the comfort of home sweet home.

  7. adore your blog and i also have a question you might find silly. i cant figure out how to add the , you might also like..section to my post. i would be so greatful for your help!

  8. Beautiful fotos. Love them!!


  9. Wow – I love those sweets… the yumminess. I can’t believe I am stuck here in the concrete jungle without access to fresh honey!! We have a lot of organic markets, but in JHB these are all ridiculously expensive. Fortunately, there are loads of farms out on the Rustenburg road – so hoping I can turn it into a B&B weekend with my man and get some shopping done too!

  10. Love the diversity of these photos.. Looks like a very peaceful place
    Lee x

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