Coloured Tights

Hi guys. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I enjoyed mine and I am getting used to the cold now. Summer is a thing of the past! I liked these coloured tights I wore with this outfit. I can’t remember where I bought them but I definitely want more. They are a great way to spice up a Winter outfit.

Outfit post

Outfit post

Outfit post

Blazer: Zoot; Dress and boots: Mr Price; Bag: China Town;
*Pics by Daren
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  1. You look lovely Anthea! Great combination of colours.

  2. That’s a really excellent colour combination! Everything matches so well. And coloured tights definitely save many a winter outfit!

  3. Love the mixture of colours! Happy Monday xxx

  4. I have that bag in red – love it :)
    loving your boots lil lady x

  5. Love the colored tights. Are your seasons opposite Canada?

    • Hi,

      Yes. I’m in the Southern Hemisphere :)

  6. well co-ordinated!! what’s the name of that shop in obs? Coats for Africa’s sizes are big but I dig!! that’s what’s so awesome about vintage shopping the best gems are hidden away, waiting to be discovered.

    • The shop in Obs is Euro Clothing.

      I intend to go back to dig!

  7. Hey Ant,
    LOVE< LOVE< LOVE those tights, when u rem where u got them please let me kow….due to my expanding waistling my tights r a bit too tight at the top edge….Lemme know….
    You look stunning as always,

    • Will do friend.

  8. this is such a fantastic ensemble friend, you look amazing!!

    Loving those colours on you!


  9. great ensemble! love the college style

    hugs from spain

  10. I love the pattern and the colors in the dress! :)


  11. so fun…I’ll be able to look at your winter fashion as we start wearing sundresses! Love the combo of brown/navy.

  12. WOW.. Anthea.. I love this earthy colours on you. This jacket is beyond spectacular
    ps.. cute bag too
    lee x

  13. That blazer is cut so nicely, that was literally the first thought that popped into my head when i saw your photos (besides you being a doll of course!) :)

  14. Darn it – had written a nice long comment, but to summarise: we’ve been having the funky stocking convo among friends, and it seems to be a really affordable way to add a blast of colour to winter outfits. Do you know of any specialty sock shops? Woolies have some great ones, and keep an eye out during those sales they have at Canal Walk….

  15. I can’t believe it’s winter for you now! It’s so weird seeing tights and a coat when it’s nice and sunny in L.A. 😀

  16. I have purple and navy. I love them! But people always give me weird looks when I wear ’em.

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