Coats, boots and Made in China

I love how fashion can make you more about a season. I’m not Winter’s biggest fan, but I love coats, boots and being cozy. I quite enjoyed wearing this outfit as I felt so snug. I’m also going through a bit of a jeans phase. Actually I pretty much love these jeans. They are stretchy, super comfy and warm. I think it’s a nice break from all the dresses I wore in Summer. How about you? Are you going through any fashion phases?

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Brown Coat

Brown Mr Price Boots

Coat: YDE; Jersey: random factory shop; Jeans: Levi’s; Boots: Mr Price;

On a different note, I was fiddling with this coat I had on and noticed that the label said “Made in China”. I wouldn’t usually have a problem with this, but this coat was bought at YDE. I thought that the clothing sold at YDE was supposed to be designed and made by South African designers. Are the designers now outsourcing their manufacturing to China? I doubt it. We all know the price tags on YDE’s clothing are not “Made in China” prices and it’s a blatant rip-off to sell them as South African creations. I would have felt much worse if I had paid full price for this coat. Luckily, I paid very little for it at one of their sales. I will definitely think twice and look carefully when buying from YDE again. I love a lot of their clothing including this coat, but noone likes to be ripped off.

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  1. I’ve been loving jeans lately too. They’re my spring and fall go-to, when the weather is neither one thing nor another. So I always appreciate jeans outfits in the blogosphere!

    As for the Made in China thing, it’s ridiculous. Even designer clothing is often made in sweatshops these days. I have a See by Chloe dress that is “Made in Serbia,” which doesn’t strike me as a place with very good labour laws. So I’m not surprised about your coat, but I do think it’s atrocious.

  2. I love the outfit and especially the coat. It’s sad to think that YDE designers import from China especially for the prices the garments retail for in the stores. But, the sad reality is that is way cheaper to produce it in China that locally, hence the fact that so many factories in South Africa are closing down. But, in the defence of YDE,if they don’t find cheaper ways to produce it, the garments will be way more expensive.

  3. Hey Ant,
    Thats so great that you noticed that, as you know I work in the industry….The made in China has killed a million local factories…..Unfortunately the resession hasn’t helped that. However people are more careful purchasing goods that are madein china as South african manufacturing really has higher standards!!!

  4. I really think you should bring this to YDE’s attention and see what they have to say for themselves as Made in China is not what they sell themselves as.
    Its a great coat tho :)

  5. you look awesome, digging those boots!
    It is sad that some of our retailers have to look to China to produce cheaper product. I wish the clothing manufacturing costs in SA were not so expensive.


  6. As so eloquently put in the movie Armageddon “American space ship. Russian space ship. All made in Taiwan” This is so so true in regards to everything these days. But the coat is VERY nice!

  7. Hey guys, I understand that the whole thing about things being made for cheaper in China. As I said, I don’t have a problem with that. It’s the way the world works. If you want to pay less for clothes then it’s probably going to be made in China.

    My problem is with YDE being “Young Designers Emporium”. I thought that all their garments were originally designed by South African designers and also made here.

    When something says “Made in China”, I assume that it has been simply imported from China and not even designed here. Ie, I assume someone just slapped their label on something that was imported. Am I wrong? I really don’t know.

    FYI, I tweeted why and here is the result:

    Me: Hi, why do some of your designers’ goods say “Made in China”. I was under the impression it was all designed and made in SA?

    YDE: There are certain things that can’t be made here that are imported but YDE is still proudly South African & produce locally.

  8. This is the same case as for The Platinum Group (Jenni Button, Aca Joe, Vertigo, Hilton Weiner and Urban HIlton Weiner) – easy enough for them to say that it is “Proudly South African” and “locally produced”, which is a nice way of saying ‘Proudly South African because we proudly make money off these South Africans’ and ‘locally produced is only but the last stage in the production process’ which is probably adding a size label to it or something? Please stop lying to us!!

    This is why we people should stick to vintage!! haha (or Mr. Price who has no shame in letting us know where they get their stuff)


  9. Absolutely LOVE your coat!!

  10. I don’t mind when things are designed in China. I have clients here in Australia that have their collection made in China and the pieces are well handcraft.
    By the way.. amazing coat you have
    Lee x

  11. The coat and the shoes are lovely!


  12. Hee hee, quite the stirrer!!!

    Mwah! Love it!

  13. Hey Ant,
    I agree with you and I think Made in China at yde is total BS!!! I guess proudly imported to SA and then proudly purchased under the impression they’re made in SA and Proudly bought by us fooled consumers….?????

  14. Oh my word. YDE – epic fail!
    I thought all their stuff was locally produced. Shocker!

    But you look absolutely lovely my dear! x

  15. Must have been a shock to find out your coat was a fake. Luckily the price tag had reflected this. Sad when what you think is a bargain turns out not to be. Xxxx

  16. you look gorge! love the coat and shoes. BTW, did you find anything at Coats for Africa?

  17. That’s so strange that you’re not a winter person because you clearly know how to choose colours. That’s a nice combo because you can dress it up or down. And I totally dig those sleeves.

    I love dressing for winter, but I am struggling to find woolen items I can afford… so guess what? I’m going to see if I can knit myself a few things… and I’ll be using some bright outrageous colours! I guess that is my phase :)

  18. HI Everyone

    To clarify on the topic with regards to YDE:

    A large percentage of the clothing range is made locally across a 12 month period.
    The designers are allowed to import selected product categories, namely knitwear and denim where the designers are not able to secure the smaller minimums through local CMT’s as well as garments requiring specific detailing which local manufacturers are unable to provide namely utility jackets & pants.
    We do find that in winter the percentage of imports is a little higher than in summer due to the nature of the product.

    Hope that clears things up. Thanks for you concerns and comments!

  19. i would like to know who design yde clothes because your clothes is beautiful and i mean it

    • They are designed by different South African designers.

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