Street Art

It was Michelle from Cinder & Skylark who opened my eyes to all the beautiful art right in our streets. It just shows that you can pass a place a million times and not really look at it. These pics were taken at different locations in Cape Town that we passed by.

Street Art, Cape Town

Street Art, Cape Town

Street Art, Cape Town

Street Art, Cape Town

Street Art, Cape Town

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  1. That is truly amazing. Love it!

  2. Who does that has a true gift.. they are so beautiful and bright
    Lee x

  3. Yeah – that is what I remember most about certain places in Cape Town… and you know, it is really taken seriously and considered a very tough art form to master and break into. Plus then you compete for space :) There’s a house nearby campus that is all covered in grafitti!!

  4. Those are awesome pieces. Most of the grafiti here is vile.

  5. These are great! So colourful and artistic…

  6. These are gorgeous!! Happy Wednesday hun xx

  7. the third piece is so beautiful. I have a soft sport for street art as well, do you know the artists Os Gemeos? Check ’em out, they are amazing!

  8. I’m a huge huge huge fan of street art. I love the women with the head wrap.

  9. I want to come visit there! Tell me-have you always lived there? I bet it is absolutely stunning.

  10. @Ashley: That’s some amazing art – truly!
    I found the street art in Amsterdam incredible – it is really appreciated there.

  11. Oh, these are amazing!!

  12. awesome stuff! I love faith47, you should check her blog! also, go to artliftment, they have a graffiti expo once a month in an old district 6 quarry :)

    ps: I have a give away running, please enter! xx

  13. Great photos… Love them!!


  14. I love these! Street art is such a great form of expression!

  15. I love art like this. Cape Town is full of culture…so proud to live here.

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