Longer Lengths

Hi guys, just popping in with a quick outfit post. I’ve been super busy lately. I’m quite excited about one of the things that have been keeping me busy! I will tell you all about it soon. Anyway, back to the outfit, I loved wearing this outfit because once again it was super comfy. I’m finding that longer length skirts are awesome for Autumn because they keep you warmer.

Outfit post

Outfit post

Dress: China Town; Necklace: Natasha Wood; Belt and shoes: Bangkok;

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  1. Love the skirt!! X

  2. Agreed! Love the longer lengths and a long skirt and a maxi dress are next on my list to buy

  3. Mega love for that skirt!! Dotty and a great length. You lovely lovely as always friend x

  4. Gorgeous! I’ve been loving longer lengths lately!

  5. Love it :)

  6. Those shoes and that skirt. Amazing. Navy and white polka dots is just perfect!

  7. whooo for mid-length skirts. love them.
    like the one you’re wearing x xx

  8. love,love,love,love and love! so on trend- long skirt and polka dots!

  9. Love, love the necklace! Have a fab weekend.xxx

  10. Wow! Love both the sandals and the necklace. Kind of things that’ll add a special touch to any outfit. :)

  11. yes yes yes! You are working that long skirt and in a polka dot print? Perfection. i’d like to find something similar đŸ˜‰

  12. You look great in that outfit. I loved that midi skirt!


  13. Love your skirt so much, stunning outfit :)
    Have a lovely wknd x

  14. also loving the longer length! you look amazing, i love that polka dot print and your sandals are lovely!


  15. So cute! Love the polka dots :)

  16. Love the skirt and shoes! Really great outfit. x

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