Snippets of a kitchen tea

Some of you might know that my best friend is getting married soon. By soon, I mean Saturday. It’s so exciting! We had a kitchen tea for her last Saturday. The theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party and we dressed her up like Alice in Wonderland. Think bow, Peter Pan collar dress, pocket watch and bunny brooches! She was very confused as to why we were dressing her like that but she figured it out. It seems that a kitchen tea is never complete without a little embarrassment and I am not sure why! The sign she is holding in one of the pics below is what she held when going to neighbours asking for some cash to get married. She made 107ZAR, not bad!

Bunting at kitchen tea


Gen Motley Brooch and bride-to-be's peter pan collar dress

Eat me cupcake

Drink me and straw

Embarrassing sign

Red carpet decoration at kitchen tea

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  1. How sweet! Much better than the usual drunken hen parties that are common here in England. And what a darling dress!

    • Hehe, the drunken party was the week before!

  2. What a wonderful dress.. I laughed so much reading that sign..
    So cute
    Lee x

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I really love the dress she’s wearing x

  4. Hey Anthea,
    I want more pics!!! of course the ones that janine is embaressed about…lol…Stunning post!

    • LOL, no way! She’d kill me.

  5. Cute dress! I won’t mind being dressed up like that :)

  6. this really looked lovely Sweet – i love your pics! am sure the wedding was just beaut, hope you going to post pics if the bride doesn’t mind?


    • I am definitely going to post pics once her photographer releases her pics. She looked very beautiful! I can’t wait to see those pics.

  7. such grand fun!

  8. Hehehe, LOVE the outfit so cute! I hope my sister will be that kind to me when picking what I must wear at my kitvhen tea. I have been very nice to her lately hehe!

  9. Anthea-I just adore your pictures here. just adore!

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