Janine got married

Some of you might remember me going on about my best friend, Janine, getting married. Planning a wedding is no joke, but we had so much fun before and on the day of the wedding. It was really a special thing for me to see her get married. She looked so beautiful. I could not help sharing some of her wedding pics with you. They were taken by the very talented Leanne Evans (aka The Picturess).

Janine on her wedding day

Javonnah, Janine and me on Janine's wedding day

The wedding party and Gus on Janine's wedding day

Janine and Clinton on their wedding day

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  1. Oh wow! Those are beautiful pics and you all look stunning! Love the VW! x

  2. OMG.. She is amazing and so stylish.
    Gorgeous photos.. You look amazing
    Lee x

  3. Such beautiful pics. She looks gorgeous, as do you!!

  4. ahh Anthea, i am so glad you posted pics! the bride looked incredibly beautiful and so did her bridesmaids!

    looked like a lovely wedding


  5. So pretty! You guys look lovely. Love the VW, would have been my choice of wedding car as well. (but dont need a car at my venue)

  6. Stunning! All of you looked beautiful. xxx

  7. Whoa my friend!!! Thanks for the lovely post and comments :-) !!! I somma feel ‘famous’!!!


  8. WOW Janine looked really AMAZING!!!
    Congrats…plus u got Anthea to wear make-up…hehehe

    • LOL, a little too much make-up I think.

  9. Thanks again guys for the lovely comments and for making Janine feel “famous”. Haha!

  10. What an amazing photos!! … Your friend Janine looked just beautiful!

    You too looked very well in that color. đŸ˜‰


  11. Gorgeous! Congrats Janine :)

  12. Wow.. Janine, you look gorgeous..!!! Congratulations to u and ur hubby. You look beautiful too Anthea, I dont recall ever seeing you with makeup on.. lol

  13. Janine looks amazing and so do the bridesmaids!!! stunning pics!LOVE!!!

  14. Wow you and J look so good. I love your make up – the blue shadow (subtle)

  15. Look at how lovely you look!
    Such nice photos! x

  16. Looked like a beautiful wedding and you all look so stunning.
    Great choice of bridesmaid dresses!

  17. wow
    your friend Janine looks so pretty
    I checked out the Picturess
    all of the photos are beautiful =)


  18. These are honestly some of the loveliest wedding pictures I’ve seen! It doesn’t hurt that you’re all gorgeous and that the weather is perfect!

  19. Definitely a beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding. Plus she didn’t punish her bridesmaids!! They look lovely. Well done to both!!

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