Face Hunter Book Signing

So the Face Hunter came to Cape Town and everybody went a bit bonkers. It was Face Hunter this and Face Hunter that everywhere. I must admit that to me it was exciting. I’ve admired his blog and been a faithful follower since the first time I saw it. Rueben and I went to his book signing held at Studio One in Bree Street. We listened to his talk and I got to meet him when I got my book signed. It was interesting to hear what he had to say. I read most of what he had to say either in his book or in articles, but there were some new things. When asked what’s next in the blogging world he said that he thinks there will be networks of bloggers like the networks they have on TV. I asked him what his favourite blog is and he fumbled a little. He doesn’t read much blogs, but answered his friend’s blog “Showmanship” because it includes fashion and art. I’ll have to Google it.

It was a fun night all in all. I got to see some of my blogger friends including Michelle, Jasna, Aisha and Aqeelah. I also liked seeing how all the stylish people were dressed.

Face Hunter Book signing

Face Hunter Book Signing

Face Hunter Book Signing

My Face Hunter book signed

Face Hunter Book Signing

Stylish ladies at Face Hunter Book Signing

Me and Michelle from Cinder and Skylark and the Face Hunter in action

With Jasna from Fashion Jazz

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  1. Ah Anthea, how exciting! Funny how he fumbled about the blogs, lolz! You look lovely girl, that’s a very pretty dress. x

  2. What an experience… I bet it was great!

    BTW love your dress! đŸ˜‰


  3. Love your dress!

    Looks like a very fun evening.

  4. Anthea – how beaut is your dress! you look amazing girl!

    I must say, i am devastated beyond words that i could not get to CT for this amazing event but so happy that you took such lovely photo’s …. felt like i was kinda there!

    Glad you had a great time


  5. You looked gorge and lovely photo’s. Wish I could go, saw him at the beer festival at the biscuit mill and he seems pretty serious though. Looks like it rocked!

    • Hi Romola,

      I agree with you. He seems extremely serious.

  6. Lol, omg that wind, my hair is all over the place : )

    Anyway, you looked stunning! Lovely seeing u again xx

    • You looked lovely too! The wind was a killer that night!

  7. That looks like a fun event and you look fabulous in that dress as well!

  8. How exciting…so cool that you got to go.
    Love your outfit and those of the other gals…very inspiring.

  9. All divine the pics. HELLO JASNA. Anthea please tell us where you got the dress also the lady in the pick next to you in the mint/aqua pleated skirt want to know where she got it!! Want to come grab it out the photo LOL

    • Hi Fable,

      LOL! I got my dress in Bangkok. I know I bought a lot of dresses there! I asked Michele and she said she bought her skirt at a second hand shop in town.

  10. that’s so awesome you got to go!
    must be very exciting =D

  11. You looked fabulous!

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