Some Cape Town Style

I always wanted to feature the style of others on this blog and finally here it is! We spotted these fashionable ladies at the DFS Fashion Show. Don’t they look great?

DFS Fashion Show, Cape Town Style

DFS Fashion Show, Cape Town Style

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  1. love the outfit! so chic

    following! xx

  2. Very cool!

  3. These are amazing, I don’t think South Africa is out there enough on the streetstyle scene, it’s great that you’re posting these photos! xx

  4. they look amazing!!!
    lvoely leopard print one!!

  5. Great picks! Love the leopard! xo style, she wrote

  6. Great boots, first image

    Peroxide Blonde,

  7. Agreed, they all look bangin’. I especially love the girl in the white pants and the bun high up on her head (i’m wearing my hair like that right now too, but only because its dirty and i’m lazy…I definitely don’t look half as good as she does!) :)


  8. great post Anthea! i love street style shots


  9. I’m loving the entire look of the girl with the bushy hair. I can see myself wearing that!!!

  10. Love the girl in the flats, she’s gorgeous!

  11. Thank you , I like my bun too !

  12. I love this post! I always felt that South African style was so diverse and much of it really creative, so it’s great to see you featuring some here!

  13. I loved the two girls´s style in the first photo!


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