Fashion Love Story Launch

I recently attended the launch of designer Leandra Do Pereiro‘s Fashion Love Story’s range. Lot’s of pretty ladies were there and I got to meet up with some of the Cape Town bloggers including Alison, Aqeelah, Aisha, Jasna, Sheri Lee and Raya. I always love meeting bloggers. It’s still very weird to meet someone that you feel you already know because you read their blog.

Leandra’s range was very cute and included lots of bows and studs which I liked. We also learnt about some amazing prices up for grabs in the month of February. Follow on Twitter or Facebook for more info.

Anthea, Embracing Style, Cape Town South Africa Fashion Blogger, Black Zebra novelty print dress

L E A N D R A | D o | P E R E I R O accessories and goodie bags

Raya of The Visual Journal Blog and Sheri Lee of SA Fashion Girl

Aqueelah of SA Fashion Breed/Thrift Cape Town and Aisa from Baked the Blog

Leandra Do Pereiro and Raya and Sianna Wu

My empty glass and Sianna trying on the merchandise

Sequined Skirt

Sequined Heels

The winner of the alice band giveaway is Kate! Congrats Kate, your prize will be on it’s way soon. Watch this space for the next giveaway. I think you’re going to like it!

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  1. Looks like a lovely event. I haven’t met any bloggers but I can only imagine

  2. Love the dress you’re wearing! Such a unique print.

    • Thanks Carmia, I am crazy about that print!

  3. Your dress is awesome… I was after something with zebras earlier this year. I also like those golden shoes… ; )

  4. how cute is your dress Anthea! you look lovely !

    haha, totally get what you saying about how you feel like you know someone just cos you read their blog! Lauren from Glossary and i were actually having a chat about that the other day! :)


  5. Looks like you had the best time ever.
    love your dress…
    Lee x

  6. All those little cute charms and bows are adorable – I just love the pastel colours contrasted against that bad-girl pink :) Looks like an amazing event and it seems you guys had loads of fun! You all looked absolutely gorgeous!!

    • Aww thanks Sarai! You’re always so sweet!

  7. you dress is lovely! seems like you had a great time!

  8. Hey Anthea- looks like a lovely event- I love meeting the faces behind the blogs!
    Happy Monday.
    Good luck with your interior inspiration, hopefully I can help!

    • Hi Zeanne, You already have! I will keep checking your blog.

  9. I love these blogger events! They always seem like so much fun 😀 I adore the print on your dress! xx

  10. Such a cute dress Anthea! And all the bloggers look so lovely. Those silver shorts are fierce! x

  11. wow looks like a great event!!!
    love the pictures =)
    thanks for sharing


  12. I like your dress… The print is lovely


  13. Looks like a super fun event! Love your tiger print dress and those glittery heels especially. xo style, she wrote

  14. Hey Ant,
    Awesome dress….the event looks like fun!!!

  15. That dress! WOW! I also love the shoes in the last pic, stunning! Thanks for your best wishes 😉

  16. Hey guys, thanks for the sweet words about my dress. I love the print and walked Bangkok to find a dress in this print that would actually fit me!

    Thanks for visting and always leaving such sweet messages!

  17. the little zebras on your outfit are so cute, and of course the little hearts next to them only adds. It’s such a trip meeting bloggers in real life, huh? I also think about how weird it is that I feel like I KNOW them when I first meet them, but I bet they feel the same way too!


  18. Hi Anthea and Sheri and Aqueela and all. Don’t you love the colour of Sheri-Lee’s hair?! perfect. Anthea, when I saw the dress I thought Bankok! Every time I see you in something gourgeous I want to ask where I can get it and then I think must be Bankok LOL X X

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