Design Indaba Expo – Part 1

Rueben and I went to the Design Indaba Expo at the Cape Town Convention Centre yesterday. I definitely enjoyed it. It was inspiration galore under one roof. I’ve seen so many South African brands online, but never got around to going to the shops where their goods are sold. The Indaba was a brilliant way of having all these brands under one roof. I’d definitely recommend it. I am just happy I didn’t spend my whole month’s salary!

Rueben took some snaps of my favourite stands and I thought I’d show them to you in two posts since there are so many pics! All of these shops sell online if not by online shop then via email.

For re-purposed furniture. I must visit this shop opposite The Biscuit Mill soon!
Recreate Furniture

Recreate Furniture

For pretty pumps and boots.
Tjerrie shoes

Tjerrie shoes

For gorgeous brooches with so many awesome designs that I struggled to choose from.
Trinket Designer Brooches

Trinket Designer Brooches

For awesome backpacks to carry all your stuff.
Chapel Backpacks

Chapel Backpacks

Genevieve Motley
For pretty wooden jewellery with in the designs we love. It was lovely to meet you Gen!
Genevieve Motley Jewellery

Genevieve Motley Jewellery

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  1. Great bags.. and those bogs are sensational.
    Lee x

  2. I’m so bummed I didn’t go this year… Last year my husband was such a buzz kill when I was there that I didn’t go this year.
    Besides, he dragged me to the rugby! (insert eye roll here)
    He doesn’t get it… He’s not really a creative person.

    Genevieve Motley’s jewelery is so pretty, I want that heart necklace!

    Thank Goodness for your lovely photo’s to make me feel like I was there! :)

  3. So interesting..I love your photos :)

  4. Lovely to see what you got to see.
    Wishing I could have come too.
    Gen is so sweet…hope you got to meet her. x

  5. Great pictures!

  6. Oooh lovely, I wish I could have gone to this. The furniture store looks awesome. x

  7. How fun! I like their backpacks!

    I don’t really use the .NET framework, but I do a lot of PHP coding. Although I do know C++ and Java, I haven’t done much with them with web developing. That’s really neat to know that you are a computer junky too. Hehe. :) I do freelance work for commercial, NGOs, and government.

  8. Awesome post… love those Chapel backpacks and NEED that Coca Cola table!
    Lovely blog.

  9. Holy cow! All of this looks SO cool. I so wish I could go to something like this. That wood jewelry is killlling me. So cute!

  10. aww love those necklaces esp the rabbit ones!! They are so unique!

  11. oh my word Anthea – you are so lucky, was so hoping to be in CT already so that i could of gone to this!! Glad you had a good time. I cannot wait to check it out next year!


  12. I’m so happy to see trinket on your blog. I just love her stuff!

  13. Laiqah is so funny!!! LOL! I saw some similar artsy things in Kalk Bay yesterday! Looks great!

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