An Accidental Valentine’s post

I didn’t have Valentine’s Day in mind when I chose this outfit but it certainly looks that way, doesn’t it? The red shoes and the hearts all scream Valentine’s Day. I don’t celebrate it but this outfit shows that I clearly don’t mind dressing for it. I spend the day celebrating my brother’s birthday. He is 13 this year so it’s a special one. To all the lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s day. Hope it’s magical!

Anthea, Embracing Style, Black and white polka dot dress, red t-strap pumps

Anthea, Embracing Style, Black and white polka dot dress, red t-strap pumps

White Heart ring, black and white Jay Jay's polka dot dress

Anthea, Embracing Style, Outfit post, Black and White polka dot dress

Gen Motley heart-shaped stud earrings

Dress: Jay Jay’s; Necklace: YDE; Earrings: Gen Motley; Shoes: Mr Price;
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  1. I love this outfit, your shoes are too cute!


  2. This morning I realised that I don’t own anyting red except for a red winter cardi that is way to hot to wear today. So I also wore this polka dot Jay Jays dress and my Gen Motley Heart ring:)

  3. You look gorgeous!

  4. Hey Ant,
    Love the outfit….and of course I have similar pumps so adore them too….PS…the place looks veery familiar….where r these pics taken…lol.

    • Hi Wendy, it was taken at the cricket field where Rueben and Daren play cricket.

  5. Lovely- AND THE SHOES! They so cute…
    recent purchase?
    Happy Valentines day!

    • Happy V Day to you to. Nope, I bought them a while back :)

  6. Aww Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Happy Birthday to your brother. Whoa I can’t even remember my 13th birthday, it seems so long ago. Whoa nearly an entire decade ago. Holy. You can never go wrong with polka dots and those red shoes are so adorable. Hope you’ve been well and thanks for checking out my new blog, Anthea :)

    • Thanks Avalonne, your new blog is just as beautiful as the last one.

  7. What a beautiful pictures! hehe You´re right it seems like you´ll planned this outfit for Valentine´s!

    I hope you had a wonderful day, Anthea!


  8. Love the earrings!
    Hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s day

  9. you look so lovely Anthea! really love your earings!!

    Happy birthday to your bro


  10. Thanks for all the lovely comment ladies. I hope everyone had a lovely V Day.

  11. really cute outfit girl! <3 lovely blog too!

  12. With the hearts and the red shoes? Definitely Valentine’s Day inspired even if you didn’t intend it! Hehe :)

  13. Oh you look so cute Anthea! Wish I’d gotten those Mr P T=Bars – they look like the sorta shoes which would make alota outfits pop x

  14. happy birthday to your bro, and you look great in polka dots dear.

  15. Happy Valentines and just adore the touch of red with those shoes. I always look forward to your photography too. Great pics!

  16. cute accidental valentine’s outfit!
    i love your shoes <3
    hope you had a good one hon!

  17. Gorgeous! :)

  18. So cute!! Loving the polka dots. Just adorable! <3

    xx Laura

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