Hi guys, these pics were taken by my little bro before I went out on Saturday evening. Half of this outfit was bought in China Town in Sable Square. I went there two weeks ago with my bride-to-be best friend searching for wedding supplies. We found wedding supplies and lots of cute clothes, which was a great bonus. I bought this dress for a mere R120, bargain! I don’t expect it to stand the test of time, but that’s okay. I also got the rings at R20 each. I say it’s definitely worth the visit!

Anthea, Embracing Style, Black Sheer Crochet Dress, Black leather platforms, outift post

Black crochet sheer dress, braided belt, cocktails rings

Luella Leather platforms

Dress and rings:China Town; belt: Mr Price; Shoes: Luella;

Watch this space for pics I took on Saturday evening/night including some more amazing Cape Town style. Have a great week!

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  1. Love, love, love. This will be one of those dresses you pray will live forever :)

  2. I love China Town!
    It’s perfect for buying fashion pieces without breaking the bank at all! I’d rather splurge on classic items.

    That dress is adorable… Did they have other colours?

    • I agree! Nope, this was one of two dresses and both were black.

  3. LOVE those shoes

  4. Hey Anthea,

    I visit china town sable square almost every day, and i come out with so many different things there all the time, i think i own almost every one of those dresses there…lol


    • You’re so lucky! But then again, if I could be there everyday I’d make a huge dent in my bank account!

  5. oooh those shoes are awesome! The dress is pretty awesome too

  6. Very pretty, and such a bargain. And I really love the shoes, though I know I couldn’t walk in them!

    • These shoes are padded and soft, but at the end of the night my feet had enough!

  7. It really is pretty, and for that price, you can’t go wrong.
    You look great!

  8. Stunning outfit! Love the rings.

  9. Hey Sweets,
    Stunning as always…Love those stilts called shoes….

    • LOL! I need stilt shoes when I go out with you so I don’t look short!

  10. Anthea to Anthea!! haha I just realized we’ve got the same name! Love your belted dress and the heels are adorable :)

    • Hi Anthea, nice meeting you :) Always nice to meet anothea Anthea. Going to check your blog out now.

  11. That ring on your left hand looks like a winner – versatile accessory!

  12. Gorgeous!
    Your bro has some photog talent :)

    • I think he does too! He didn’t take long to learn to get the pics in focus etc.

  13. That dress is stunning! And those rings – what great bargains. Also love the shoes, ok, I love this whole look! x

    • Thanks friendie!

  14. Oh what a fab find! I love the dress!

  15. Those shoes are AMAZING!

  16. I love your new dress and the ‘bib’ detail really makes it.
    Sorry for the lack of comments of late – for some reason can’t view your blog at work. None the less…reading at home. Happy posting! x

    • I am so honoured that you read it at home :) Happy posting to you as well. Love the new giveaway!

  17. The heels are so intricate, I love them! Beautiful look.

  18. I really like your shoes, they remind me of a very stylish piece of furniture.

  19. Hey guys, I see you like my shoes. It has been lying in my cupboard just waiting for a special occasion. Luella really does have some gorgeous shoes.

  20. That dress and shoes are gorgeous! I like the detail on the shoes. I also have plenty of cheaply made dresses, but I think if you just take extra care of yours, it will stand the test of time.

    I didn’t know you were a developer, too! What sort of things do you or have you developed? I remember you saying that the IT guys at your work wore the same kind of shoe, but I guess I didn’t put together that you worked in the IT field as well. Any samples of your work out there that I can check out? Haha, I got excited…

    • Hehe! I am a .NET developer. I’ve been doing it for 4 years now and I’ve studied Computer Science before the. All of the stuff I’ve worked on has been for companies’ internal use. But I did develop the WordPress theme I use for this blog!

  21. Anthea I had no idea you developed the theme for your blog. amazing. Those shoes! I love them but you’ll have tpo give lessons

  22. OMW!!! This dress looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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