This is my mellow outfit. You know the outfit you wear when you want to be comfy and carefree and you can’t wear PJs (ie. you need to go outside). A mellow outfit needs:

  • loose clothing
  • shoes that are easy to walk in
  • some accessories to show that you made an effort

Check, check, check. Mellow outfit achieved!

Red check dress

Blue bracelet and anchor ring

Kate & Allie sandals

dress:Mr Price; bangle: Tessa (YDE); ring: Hello Fox; shoes: Kate& Allie;

How is 2011 treating you? My 2011 is starting to pick up! I guess the mellow days will be in the past very soon. If you haven’t entered my current giveaway you can do so here.

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  1. I love mellow outfits… especially when they involve plaid dresses. And they’re so much easier when it’s summer, and you don’t have to add tights and sweaters and things… ; )

  2. Awesome outfit! Definitely casual but with enough tapering to keep it looking chic. Love it. xo style, she wrote

  3. lovely mellow outfit! love your anchor ring :)


  4. hey, cute sandals, love them, just waiting for our spring…

    check out my first giveaway in

  5. Such a nice mellow outfit.. ahahah
    I have been obsessed with checks lately
    Lee x

  6. Love the outfit and your ring!

  7. awesome outfits and accessories, but your hair is probably my fave!

  8. I love your shoes!


  9. Hi guys, thanks again for the sweet words.

    @Emily, very true. I do enjoy Summer dressing.

    @Style, She Wrote, awww so sweet thanks!

    @Lee, I saw on your blog!

    @Tseli, How sweet! I am blushing!

  10. I call it my go-to outfit. For when I’m to lazy to give dressing a second thought :)

    Love the ring!

  11. Haha!! Perfect recipe for a mellow outfit! :)

  12. comfortable clothes forever!!! I hear you loud and clear, in fact I’d say I wear “mellow” clothing 98% of the time, I just hate to be uncomfortable :X Also, I love the print of your sundress and the little ruffle is the best :)


  13. I love mellow clothing! its comfortable and I like it!
    I really like the color of this dress. So fun and bright!

  14. I do love mellow outfits – mine is usally jeans and a shirt which I cinch in with a tan belt (but, not too tight). I usally add a brooch too to make it look like I did try.

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mellow outfit, you look divine in this dear, definitely not mellow at all

    Wishing you a wonderful day sweetie pie


  16. Mellow is great for a snowy Thursday! Check.

  17. Loving the comfort of mellow outfits, especially after gaining a few kilo’s. Awesome ring!!!


  18. Aw I love your ring! Very cute mellow outfit my friend x

  19. Love the bracelet and ring Anthea. Ah…wish I was in a summer dress right now :)

  20. Nice sandals.. love it..

  21. Plaid dresses are lovely..yours is gorgeous. I love the collar!! Gosh, I wish I could be wearing a sundress and sandals right now:)

  22. I love the ring!

  23. I love it! Most of my life is lived in “mellow” outfits 😉 cute shoes!!

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