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I think this is my current favourite dress. It’s so flowy and comfortable and I don’t own another dress of this length. I also like the butterfly print. So naturally, I enjoyed wearing it. Enjoying what you wear definitely improves one’s day. It’s all about the simple things! Hope you had a fab weekend!

Anthea, Embracing Style, Midi butterfly Dress, Cream cuffed sandals

Gen Motley necklace, Two piece dress

Butterfly dress

Butterfly dress, cream cuffed sandals

Dress, belt, bag, shoes all bought in Bangkok; necklace: Gen Motley
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  1. That dress is gorgeous. You got so many nice things overseas! Love those shoes as well.

  2. I looove this dress! sandles are adorable to :)

  3. i really love those shoes, i wish i could get a pair!


  4. You look lovely, and it definitely seems you scored some great stuff in Bangkok. And I just love these pictures, especially the first one. So, so summery (lucky you).

  5. Your dress is so sweet!
    I love the two colors a lot =)

  6. This dress just does absolute justice to your legs and figure – no wonder you love it! I’m keen on the butterfly print as well, although so far, I haven’t found such neutral colours.

  7. That dress is gorgeous!

  8. You look beautiful. Love the outfit!

  9. You look so gorgeous.. I love your skirt..
    Lee x

  10. you looking stunning Anthea! , really love your dress and sandals x

  11. Hey! I lOVE this outfit and how it fits on you! you wear it really well! Thanks for following me!



  12. I really love your shoes and belt! So pretty!

  13. That dress is gorgeous!

  14. I love the dress! You´re right! The length and the butterfly print are ideal 😉


  15. Thanks for the lovely comments! You guys are seriously the best!

  16. The print on the bottom half of the dress is really pretty, and those nude sandals really elongate your legs.

  17. Precious skirt, and the shoes are amazing!!!


  18. I can just feel the sunshine emanating from this photo! I like how your belt is the same shade of your skirt, the small quirky details are the best :)

  19. I love that beautiful soft skirt!

  20. totally see why this is your favorite..so delicate and flowy and perfect for warm weather. and I love the grey/pink combo. I just purchased a pink belt from Kenneth cole and cannot wait to wear it! Have a great day. :)

  21. Wow, I love your outfit especially your necklace. In fact, I am running a competition on my blog where you can win a Genevieve Motley fat robin brooch. So mosey on over if you can. I find that Genevieve Motley jewelry is awesome especially if you have more than one piece.

    • Already entered! I love Gen Motley’s jewellery.

  22. Great dress!

  23. I’m really tired of how tight all my clothes are lately. I need to shop for flowy things pretty please. Your outfit looks so…..so…..FREE!

    needs help

    • Hehe! I know what you mean about tight! When are we gymming? In the mean time, dresses like these can help :)

  24. Gorgeous dress!! xxx

  25. Time to go to Bangkok. As fast as possible.

    I have to agree with Janine, the outfit looks so ‘free’ :)

    • I’ll go with you! It’s shopping heaven. I’m dreaming about it right now.

  26. Such a cute dress

  27. You make me wish for summer your dress is beautiful and such a cute print love the pics xoxo

  28. how beautiful! i love the print.

  29. Gorgeous! I love the length and print on that dress…so cute. Gosh I do wish it was warm here:)

  30. This dress is so beautiful. Perfect for balmy summer evenings and hot days alike.

    I am a new reader to your blog and while i familiarize myself with your past posts I was wondering how you;d like for us to stay in touch via google/ twitter? Please let me know how you feel about that.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – A Toronto based personal style blog

  31. Oooo I’m loving your sandals.. super cute. :) Hope you’re having a great day!

    xx Love & Aloha

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