And I’m back!

Hello everyone! I am back from my holiday in Thailand and I am feeling great! I suppose that’s what holidays are meant for, so mission accomplished! My time spent in Thailand was amazing and as cliché as it sounds, I really did have the time of my life.

A friend asked me what was my favourite thing about Thailand was and I told him, “Me being me, it has to be the shopping.” Insane right? Although I did enjoy practically everything else we did in Thailand, the shopping was fantastic! Since Bangkok is the best place for shopping in Thailand I would have to say that Bangkok is my favourite thing about Thailand. I’ve heard it being described as a “mad house”, but I really did like that madness. It is quite a hectic, always-on city and I loved it. There is always something to see, something to admire and from where I was staying something to buy. Taxis and tuk tuks(pictured below) speed past and the traffic does not stop.

In Bangkok we shopped, visited temples and did some sight seeing, went for massages and experienced some night life. All in all, we were immersed in a culture that was very different from ours. We soon discovered that Thai people are extremely sweet, friendly and humble. They radiate an air of positivity that makes it impossible for you not to be happy while in Thailand. Sounds awesome right? It is.

View of Bangkok from the tallest tower, The Bayoke Sky

Lights on the top of the tallest tower in Thailand, The Bayoke Sky

Colourful taxis driving down Petchburi Road Bangkok

Barges down canal and traffic past MBK mall in Bangkok

Tuk Tuks on Bangkok street

Road near Flower market in Bangkok

Food and fruit for sale on sides of roads in Bangkok

Me and traffic and people in Bangkok

I will be doing a series of Thailand posts and next up is: A review of shopping in Thailand…

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  1. Welcome back! Love the pics! Really does look like an amazing place. Can’t wait to read more posts x

  2. Welcome home!

    The pics are fab! So glad you had an awesome time. Excited for more Thailand post.

  3. More, more, more! :) Love this post and the pink (or should I say rainbow) taxi cabs? My kinda place.

  4. your post made me so nostalgic- great pictures!

    glad you had such a good time.

    i agree, i love bangkok too. just looking at your photos makes me remember the chaos, but even more the fact that i loved the chaos!

    i’m sure you got your hands on some amazing gear, look forward to reading/seeing more :)

  5. Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing and you look so cute in your floral dress :)


  6. Welcome back! love the pictures.

  7. Ahhh, it does sound awesome! Welcome back. How nice to be revived after a year of work. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts x

  8. Anthea!!! Welcome back hon! I’m glad you had such a happy time in Thailand and I can’t wait to see all your pictures and hear your tips! Already loving the picture of the neon taxis! Hope you’re not too jet-lagged!

  9. wow great pictures especially the Bayoke Sky is a breath taking view.

    kind regards from Germany

  10. your pics are so cool
    it’s cool to know you had so much fun
    now Thailand is a must to visit =)
    can’t wait to see your shopping pictures <3


  11. Sounds and looks like you had a fab time! So glad to hear that. Shopping will do that to you 😉 I want to visit Thailand now more than ever. I love the sea of colourful cars. Is it safe to assume those are taxi cabs?

  12. welcome back, lady! great photos. thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Welcome back! These pics are amazing. Can’t wait to see more!

  14. Hey Ant,
    Dying to hear MORE!!! Stunning Dress!!!!
    Glad ur back…

  15. Thanks to everyone for the welcome back wishes! I missed blogging!

    @Abi, yes they are taxis!

  16. Welcome back sweety!!Love the pics,cannot wait to see your next post!


  17. Welcome back!
    How lovely your photos are!

  18. What an amazing photos Anthea… Love them!


  19. Hey lady! Welcome back!!!!! Those tuk tuk’s look so cute, i want to ride in one! Looking forward to more pics

  20. Lovely Blog!!!
    Street Style by Stela

  21. wow! awesome pics!!!!

  22. Ah now you have me wanting to go there asap! Love the colourful cabs and the pic of you against that cool wall!:)

  23. WOW Anthea, Bangkok looks like an awesome place to visit! We must have a girls get together so you can catch us up :)

  24. Those colored taxis are so unreal and awesome!! I think the world needs more color everywhere. Thanks for sharing!! xo


  25. Anthea-Love all your look at the color of those cars/taxis. And I agree-shopping would top my list. But I bet the temples were amazing and I hear the massages in Thailand are to dye for!!!! Hope you are relaxed and rested.

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