Win Starbright Girl Silver Heart Earrings!

Yet another perk of blogging is finding out about local talent. Megan McFall of Starbright Girl is an example of this talent! I instantly fell in love with her jewellery when I saw her shop. There are so many pieces out of her collection that I must have! Megan is a jewellery designer from Durban and her shop is filled with retro and pop-culture inspired gems. She used resin, silver and perspex and each piece is specially handmade.

A lucky Embracing Style reader will win these gorgeous sterling silver heart studs. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post saying what your favourite item from Starbright Girl Jewellery Etsy Shop or Starbright Silver Jewellery Etsy Shop is.

Starbright Girl Jewellery Giveaway

This giveaway closes on 27 September 2010 and the winner will be announced on 28 September 2010. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be notified by email. Anyone can enter this giveaway. Good luck!

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  1. WOW her things are GORGEOUS! Love so many things.
    The “You hold the key to my heart” necklace is beautiful.
    My friend would love the buffyesque ring :)

    Cool giveaway :)

  2. Ooh, lovely. My favourite is the silver kingfisher necklace:

    I’m doing a giveaway at the moment too! Come join!

  3. I love the Craftesque Floral Earrings!

  4. Hey Ant,
    There are sooo many things i simply adore but, these are the things a absolutely would die for..
    the silver kingfisher pendant
    The you hold the key to my heart pendant
    The tree of life earrings…
    Does she supply any stores here in CT?

  5. Megan’s goodies are great, my fav is the birdie heart necklace from her silver store. Beautiful

  6. The inner kid in me loves the ‘Your Dukiness’ favorite Ogre OOAK brooch’ So cute!
    But for realz: definitely the “You-hold-the-heart-to-my-Key necklace”

    Ps. Great giveaway!

  7. Hey ladies, thanks for the entries. These little heart are really lovely. I wish I could win them!

    @Wendy, you can check for stockists. But, if you email her and tell her what you like. She’ll email you right back. She posts your goodies to you. I just got a pair of loveletter earrings and I love them! The clasps are made with sterling silver so your ears will be well looked after. If you have Paypal you could also just use the Etsy store.

  8. Wow! I don’t even need the giveaway – I’ll be ordering some of this jewellery myself. It’s so charming and cute! Now I don’t have to worry about birthday prezzies for friends!!

  9. yes please

  10. Im trying to save up some money to go on a spree with her stuff!
    I love all the jewellery but especially the butterfly and cartoon stuff.
    My favourite piece is a black butterfly :).
    Im crossing my fingers!! :)

  11. Wow…!!! i cant possible choose a favourite… lol…. her jewellery is so beautiful..!!! i especially love all of the Star jewellery from the silver collection..!!! Awesome..!!! :)


    those acrylic red bow earings are so cute! love them
    p.s your blog is awesome!!!

  13. Anthea, there are so many I cant choose. I really like the sneaker earrings and the flaming disks. Just too many to choose.

    love love love her work!

  14. oooh i like all of them! but i’d have to pick the dark rose pendant :)
    Olivia x

  15. I love the ring of a heart.

  16. So pretty! I love the butterfly aqua pendant!

  17. She has amazing jewelry collection! I love th sneaker earrings!! xxoxoxoo

  18. I just ADORE the red flaming heart pendant. Great heart earrings, also!! :)SarahD

  19. pretty earrings! <3

  20. omg! count me in these are beautiful :)

  21. what a great giveaway! i love Megan’s stuff and my fav item will have to be the heart shaped ring my boyfriend got specially made and engraved for me by starbright girl! she is so talented


  22. Wow so pretty!My favorite is the Ametrine Bow Necklace.


  23. Stunning give away! I love the sterling silver star : )

  24. lovely xxxx

  25. You are making those girls crazy..
    They are very pretty by the way

  26. Gorgeous. Always love hearing about local designers. Don’t enter me as I don’t think they would suit me …. haha


  27. @Melissa, I remember that ring! It’s gorgeous!

    @Lee, hehe, don’t worry I won’t enter you!

  28. Anthea-these are grogeous…ok off the check out the site.

  29. Hi Anthea

    That is just the weirdest shmeirdest coolest shmoolest. My sister is crrrazy about megan’s stuff and has almost every things megan has made and suggested to me 2 weeks ago that i ask megan about a giveaway. Then you who are also thee with superb tatse love her stuff too. ME TOO.

    Bestest has to be lala and kiki twin star earings cos those our my 2 little twin stars real nick names

    then the white frangipani earings

    The purple earing half circles

    The sterling silver half flowers

    i could go on and on

    x x

  30. ooh. nice giveaway! let me in it. 😉
    my favourite item is the black birdie earrings.


  31. Wow! Such purdy stuff :) It was a tough choice but I think my favourite is
    Hope those pretty heart earrings will adorn my ears soon!

  32. cute blog!

  33. Wow! Love those :)

  34. Almost missed this great give away!
    Love the “Onyx Heart Pendant on silver chain ”