Going Green

I tend to go through stages where I am obsessed with certain colours. This Winter I really had to stop myself from buying everything in brown. A couple of years ago I felt the same way about green. Since then it has been one of my favourite colours.

It could be because Spring is around the corner, but I am once again completely besotted with shades of green. Here are some images that rekindled my love for it.

Green photos from blogs

Stockholm Street Style ladies wearing green

Do you have any colour obsessions at the moment?

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  1. I also get obsessed about colors, a year ago everything for me was purple!
    I love the girl’s skirt in the thirth picture


  2. Love love love the green.

  3. Green has always been one of my favourite colours, though curiously I don’t own many green clothes. My obsessions this summer have been orange and yellow, but somehow all the clothes I’ve accumulated seem to be blue…

  4. currently i am in a neutrals phase but these bright saturated greens are beautiful! and definitely inspiring :)


  5. Hey Ant…Now how did you know that I loved Green,
    Did you notice that even mine and my fiancés cars are or were both green….lol….
    Love the green skeone…

  6. Hey Anthea, spring/summertime, i get obsessed with white and a natural stone colour!!!

  7. Me too, Love diff shades of green : )

  8. Love green so much!!!:)SarahD

  9. I love green. I find it a kind of difficult colour to wear though, but I’ve slowly accumulated a bunch of clothes in different shades of green so I better find a way to make them work!!!

    I also just wanted to say, thankyou so much for all the support you’ve given my blog lately, I really appreciate it! I think it’s so great to ‘meet’ people from all parts of the world 😀

    Claire xx

  10. I just drooled over these pics! I have never been much of a green person, except in nailpolish, but you have changed my mind with this post! Beautiful pics, my fave is the green skirt!

  11. Anthea-I love this post and I cannot wait to add some green to my wardrobe for the fall. Green is definitely going to be hot!

  12. gorgeous color, looks great

  13. hi love. wow. great shots – i love green- and all these photos are smashing-especially the one of jemina.
    wonderful blog. thanks for stopping by me and entering my competition- im just collecting the competitors now- then random number generator – and then ill post the winner within a couple of days.
    thanks for the b-day-wishes.
    much love


  14. woahh, love this! I feel so inspired right now haha

  15. I´m a green lover too! :) Those examples are great.
    I LOVE the shoes and the skirt.


  16. I looove the green skirt! <3

  17. Yes! I’ve obsessed about the color hunter green and burgundy or dark wine red! Great blog by the way!

  18. It is a beautiful colour! Especially those shoes. Love it

  19. LOL funny how i just wrote a blog post on the color green too =P

    love the shoes and skirt!

  20. I love Green!!!! Clinton always notices that the clothes I’m most attracted to are green. But, like Emily, I actually don’t own many green items.

    Great Post

  21. I’m definitely into neutrals these days, but navy is top of my list as well! :) I think I’ve never tried green so far!


  22. I love those green mary janes! I’m currently having a love affair with red…


  23. im always obsessed with pink x

  24. I love green, those green shoes are fabulous!!


  25. i am obsessed with red! :)

  26. You’ve inspire me to buy something green! :) THANKS. My colour obsession at the moment is (as always) black and the colour beige. Hope you will become a follower of my blog?


  27. I have been obsessed w/ green this season as well – especially mint green. I am in love w/ those green shoes and floral dress. Gorgeous!

  28. I am the SAME WAY!! lol I am always obsessed with Green. It’s my absolute favorite color too! My entire room is painted/decorated in it!

    xx rk

    Btw, Studio Swag is having it’s first GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Check it out: http://studioswag.blogspot.com/2010/08/give-back.html

  29. I love green. Thanks for this inspiration.

  30. Absolutely delightful outfits

  31. Thanks for your comment :)

    At moment I am obsess of ” flashy pink ” but I am especially obsess of ” knots ”

    (what ” nœuds ” in english ?)

    Sorry for my poor english :/
    Kiss !

  32. I love the green, it’s so cool… :)

  33. i used to be obsessed with green too, i’ve moved onto red right now (:


  34. Ah I love green. It’s one of my favorite shades. Actually, according to a Cosmo poll, it’s also the most cheerful color!

  35. I love green. It’s surprisingly versatile and sometimes it adds just the right amount of refreshing colour to an outfit.

  36. LOVE the shades of green – so fresh and fun :)

  37. loving all the green!

    please enter the topshop competition on my blog :)

  38. Great photos! I like the first girls outfit a lot

  39. My current color obsession would have to be purple and every shade over it–however after seeing these dresses I might just switch to green 😀


  40. I do the same thing!!! This summer I just kept buying tan stuff, I couldnt stop myself!

    Jo @ Sun Kissed

  41. I am obsessing on purple or violet right now… And also yellow… HAHAHA! =)) But I also like green… Its just that I dont find them here in my closet… I am still wondering where it went… =)

  42. Thanks to everyone for commenting. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has colour obsessions!

  43. I love the examples! Especially the shoes… 😉

  44. all the outfits looks fab!!!! and you in it NATUURLIK. the GREEN is so so nice i love it. don’t own any greens in that shade but these photos is sending me to the shops now haha.

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