Hello beautiful world!

I am so excited to finally be writing my first blog post! I have been planning this for a while and it feels good to have it materialise.

Hi, I’m Anthea and I’m glad that you reading this! You can read a bit about me in the About section if you’d like. Otherwise, you can just look at some pics. That’s my favourite part about blogs anyway.

In the months before this when I didn’t have a blog I posted some pictures of my outfits on Weardrobe. For those of you who don’t know, Weardrobe is a community where people post their outfit pics. I didn’t know that such sites existed but then in my naivety found that there are many. So far I’ve stuck to Weardrobe because I really like it’s simple format. Weardrobe has lead to me some really cool blogs that I would probably never have found otherwise.

OK, that’s enough talking for now. Here are some of the outfit pics I put on Weardrobe:

Image: Weardrobe Outfit

Image: Weardrobe Outfit

Image: Weardrobe Outfit

Image: Weardrobe Outfit

Image: Weardrobe Outfit

I will be posting my outfit pics on this blog as well as Weardrobe in the future. I hope you enjoy!

Bye for now, I hope you had a great weekend and that you spoiled your dad for Father’s day.

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  1. I really like the first and the fourth outfit a lot :) i shall look you up in Weardrobe too!

  2. Thanks Tanvi!

    I’ll look you up on Weardrobe as well! Thanks for the link to your blog. I love following new blogs.

  3. Ditto to that. I’ll definitely look for my inspiration here. Sometimes I get the matching rules horribly wrong.

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I love that stripey dress. So excited to see more pics in the future. x

  5. @Janine, hello my beautiful friend. You know you don’t always have to match my love.

    Hi Lauren, thanks so much for visiting. I appreciate it. I’m excited to post some more!

  6. HHEELLOOO…glad you to have found your blog :-)

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