Flamingos and Fire

I had the strangest day! I got to work and about 3 minutes later the fire alarm went off and it was not a drill. Yep, the roof of our building was on fire! Luckily the fire is out now and I don’t think the damage is very bad. That is life, the one moment you are ready to get into a day’s work and the next you are on a field looking at smoke coming out of your office building. Expect the unexpected? :) I suppose we never know what is around the corner.

On another note, I am happy to be blogging regularly now. I hope to keep it up. Thanks for sticking with me :) Ok, how many smiley faces can one have in one blog post?

About the outfit…
This shirt is another one of those items I have had for a while. Can you say fashion hoarder? Rueben bought it for me and I was hoping to wear it to one of our afternoon dates but then I forgot. lol. I adore novelty prints so this flamingo print shirt is right up my alley. I think I will make a concerted effort to try and wear what I own from now on. Dare I say, I will go on a shopping ban? Um, I’ll think about it.

Embracing Style Outfit Post - Zara Flamingo Print Shirt

Embracing Style Outfit Post - Zara Flamingo Print Shirt

Embracing Style Outfit Post - Zara Flamingo Print Shirt

Embracing Style Outfit Post - Hanger earrings

Embracing Style Outfit Post - Cotton On Tan Clogs

Shirt and Jeans: Zara; Shoes: Cotton On; Earrings: Chatuchak Market in Bangkok; Spectacles: Ray Ban;
Pics by Abigail (the sweetest photographer/colleague/fashion friend ever)

Limited Edition

Hi everyone! How is your week going? Tomorrow is hump day already! I must admit that I am completely baffled at how fast time flies. This has been on my mind all year. I feel like the clock is ticking and it is of utmost importance to spend my time wisely. I am still trying to figure out exactly how to do that :) One simple start I am taking is to minimize “messing around”. By this I mean I am trying to keep Sunday TV series marathons to a minimum and opt to go outside and do something active rather. Summer is leaving us after all. I am very sad about that but I will leave that chat for another day.

About the outfit…
I don’t own many statement t-shirts but I do love this one from Mr Price. For some reason I love wearing this particular t-shirt on a Friday. It is definitely more relaxed than the dresses and blouses I usually wear to work and in some strange way it helps me to start to relax and prepare for the weekend. Clothing can have quite an effect on my state of mind and I absolutely love it.

Embracing Style Outfit - Mr Price Cobalt Blue Skirt

Embracing Style Outfit - Mr Price Cobalt Blue Skirt

Embracing Style Outfit - Mr Price Limited Edition T-shirt

Embracing Style Outfit - ASOS Leather Boots

Top and skirt: Mr Price; Shoes: ASOS.com; Necklace: TopShop;
*Pics by Abigail

Anisa Mpungwe for MRP Skirt

Hi Guys! I have been rather quiet on the blog lately. In truth I have been having a bit of a blog identity crisis, #bloggerproblems lol. I started blogging in 2010 and I have changed so much since then. Naturally, the blog will change as I change. I think I now have a firm grasp of what I want this blog to be about. The most important thing for me is to portray something that is honest and secondly to blog passionately. That’s very dramatic I know!

So, the first change I will be making is to blog more outfits. I find that doing so makes me put in that little extra effort into what I wear which is good! I mostly dress up for work lately so I am going to try to blog lots of work outfits. There are more changes to come and I hope you will stay tuned!

Now onto the outfit. I am really a sucker for midi skirts. I know that some people think that they are too granny but I don’t see why we can’t embrace many skirt lengths. This was actually the first time I wore this Anisa Mpungwe for MRP skirt which is actually crazy because I love it so much and I had since October last year! I sometimes tend to wait for a perfect occasion to wear something new but life is short and I should stop doing that.

Embracing Style Outfit - Anisa for Mr P Skirt

Embracing Style Outfit - Anisa for Mr P Skirt

Shirt and Blouse: Mr Price; Shoes: Zara;

Kirstenbosch Craft Market

Hey! I thought I’d go back to my roots and review a market. The Kirstenbosch Craft Market is a lovely market located at the Stone Cottages in Kirstenbosch diagonally opposite the entrance to Kirstenbosch Garden. The market happens every last Sunday of the month except for Winter. It is truly a craft market. There is a rule that all the goods must be made by the sellers so you won’t be finding any Chinatown wares here. As you can see in the pics below there is some cute stuff to buy. This is definitely not the place to go looking for fashion though but that’s ok. The thing I love most about this market is the location. Kirstenbosch is just so beautiful! There are some food stalls but not too many since the focus of this market is crafts. They always have live music as well which is a plus. You can buy something to eat, sit on the grass and listen to the live music. Do pay a visit if you are looking for a charming way to spend a Sunday.

Kirstenbosch Craft Market

Kirstenbosch Craft Market- Handmade dolls

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - handmade bags

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - clocks

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - stained glass

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - Petting Zoo

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - doggy door stoppers

Kirstenbosch Craft Market - resident piggie

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