Hello! I am back from my holiday in Thailand :) I completely forgot and underestimated the world of good that a holiday can do for you! I am feeling refreshed, inspired, happy and grateful. As a result I have become much more patient and more hard working. I am going to try to keep up this positive state of mind. I decided that I am going to plan more holidays. It doesn’t have to be overseas ones but just little getaways. Lauren from Glossary seems awesome at that. I need to take a book out of her page. If only I could do tent camping! Sjoe, now that was a lot of waffling. I am sure you know what I am trying to say??

Ok, now let’s talk about my outfit. I really like this one! I feel like it is very me. To me it is so important to bring out “you” when you choose outfits. I am constantly in search of clothing that expresses my personality and who I am. It might sounds odd but it is my way of being creative. Some people draw. Some people write. I choose outfits. lol. Ok, that does sound strange!

Embracing Style, Outfit, Red

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Red

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Red

Embracing Style, Outfit, Red

Blouse: Bought in Bangkok; Skirt and Belt: Mr Price; Bag: Jet; Shoes: Cotton On;
*Pics by Daren

Double Trouble

Eeeek! I haven’t blogged in over a month! As cliche as it sounds, I felt like something was missing when I was not blogging. I decided to take some time to think about life and about my blog. Although I am not done thinking about it yet, the conclusion is that I want and need to make some changes in my life and blog. So, watch this space!

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago next to the Route 44 Market in Stellenbosch. How beautiful is the view?! It’s no secret that I am a market addict. My favourite thing to do is to go to a market. A comfy outfit is essential of course. I decided to try my hand at double denim. I definitely prefer wearing lighter and darker shades of denim together. One shade would look too much like a jumpsuit.

Embracing Style Outfit Post, Double Denim

Embracing Style Outfit Post, Double Denim

Embracing Style Outfit Post, Double Denim

Embracing Style Outfit Post, Double Denim

*Jacket and Necklace: Mr Price; Shirt: Cotton On; Jeans: Zara: Boots: TopShop; Ring: Lovisa;
*Pics by Jody Peacock

In other news, my best friend Janine and I leave for Thailand in one week! I am so excited to go back and even more excited to travel with Janine. It is something that is on my bucket list and I really thought it would never happen. Needless to say, this blog is going to be bit quiet while I am abroad. I do plan to update my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook though.

4th Street Party

I attended the 4th Street Party last week with the lovely Raylene of Scarlet Aura. I was just dying to meet Raylene because we have so much in common. We are both fashion bloggers, developers and we share a birthday. She really was as great as I thought she’d be!

The theme of the event was the Fifties and I was so excited because it is by far my favourite fashion era. When I chose my outfit I found that so many of my clothing matched the theme. I opted for a polka dot midi skirt, pastel blouse, socks with bow details, a vintage bag and court shoes.

This party was one of my favourite events ever. The decor was superb! Think pink and white everywhere, a gourmet slider  station, candy floss machine, pink candy galore, slow motion photo booth and much more.  To top that off there was an awesome performance by Shoowop Shop lead by Tamara Dey.

One of my favourite things about the night is how the attendees dressed to the theme. I snapped some pics of some serious stylish strangers. Of course I could not resist. There were midi skirts, bandanas, cute socks and pink galore.

“What is 4th street” I hear you asking. It is a sparkled sweet wine available in white, red and rosé. We were given a bottle of each when we left and I tried all three. Don’t judge me for drinking them so fast! My favourite is definitely the white wine. I am going through a bit of a white wine phase though. Again, please don’t judge me!

My pics cannot do the event justice. I wish I could have taken more but I was too busy having a good time :)

Embracing Style at 4th Street Party

*Blouse: Mr Price; Skirt: Legit; Bag: Time and a few moths; Shoes and socks: TopShop;

Embracing Style at 4th Street Party

Raylene from Scarlet Aura and I at 4th Street Party

Raylene of Scarlet Aura and myself.

4th Street Party Decor

Yummy snacks at the 4th Street Party

Candy at the 4th Street Party

South African Bloggers at the 4th Street Party

Raylene, myself, Yumna of Cooked Culture, Chantel of ChanniChic, Anja from Glitz and Grammar and Thabiet from On Fashion Street.

The Shoowop Shop band and stylishly dressed attendee at the 4th Street Party

The Shoowop Shop Girls and my personal favourite outfit of the night.

Bloggers at the 4th Street Party

TK of GHFM, Bianca and Lauren of Fashionista CT

South African Bloggers at the 4th Street Party

Yumna of Cooked Culture and Anja from Glitz and Grammar

Stylish attendees of the 4th Street Party


I must admit I am really enjoying putting outfits together lately. I think this feeling comes when you are actually happy with the clothes you own at the time. This seldom happens for me. I am always looking for a certain item or needing this or that. I guess this is my ongoing love affair with fashion/personal style. I ain’t complaining. In other news, I really love this blouse I bought from I am a sucker for unique and quirky prints and I just love the bird detail.

Have a great week people!

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Blouse, Mr Price Hat, Zoom Boots

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Blouse, Mr Price Hat, Zoom Boots

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Blouse, Mr Price Hat

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Blouse

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Zoom Boots

Embracing Style, Outfit Post, Blouse, Mr Price Hat, Zoom Boots

Hat: Mr Price;Blouse:; Pants: YDE; Shoes: Zoom via;
*Pics by Jody
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